Tuesday, December 20, 2011

CastleVille Kris Kringle's Bag Bar Gifts Rewards

CastleVille Santa (Kris Kringle) gives you gifts rewards, depending on how many and which gifts you craft in the gift shoppe.

Below there is a table of the gifts rewards:


Gingerbread cabin
1 Holiday Sweater
ReindeerSnowmanFinal Reward
Gingerbread House
Gives: 1250 coins/10hrs
10 gifts
25 gifts
50 gifts100 gifts

Gift ShoppeYou can craft there 4 type of items, and each gives you a different number of gifts for Kringle's bag:
Fruit cakeSlippersStuffed UnicornWind-Up Beastie
1 gift2 gifts3 gifts4 gifts

For you to make a good choice, if your gift shoppe is busy, below there is the requirements for each holiday item: 

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