Thursday, February 2, 2012

Castleville: Valentine Shop Guide (Quest Spread Love)

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Valentine Shop

The Valentine Shop comes with the new quest Spread the Love. Let's make a guide for this new beautiful crafting building. Cost, materials and which items you can craft (and how many spirit points you will get).

NOTE: You can always access this information in the menu, together with the other Crafting Buildings:

Subject's Valentine Spirits

Guide how to increase your Subject's Valentine Spirits and earning some sweet new items!

Now is your chance to show your Subjects how much you appreciate them (and their taxes)! Each time you create gifts in the Valentine Shop, you can increase the Valentine Spirit of 1 of your Subjects. Once you have created enough gifts for each Subject, you'll get a special prize and your Subject will get some awesome new clothes too! Check out the guide below to get started.

Getting Started

The window above shows you each of the Subjects that are currently living in your Kingdom and what each of them like. Once you complete the 3rd quest of Spread the Love and fill Yvette's Valentine Spirit gauge you can select another Subject (note: once you have clicked on a Subject and exited the window, that Subject will now be active. If no Subject is clicked before exiting, no Subject will be activated.)

To access the window above, just click on the gauge at the bottom of your screen. Hovering over the meter shows how many more gifts you need.

Once in the Valentine Spirit window, if no Subjects are clicked on before exiting, the gauge will look like the one below. To choose a Subject to raise their Valentine Spirit, just click on the gauge and click on a Subject.

Giving Good Gifts!

Every item crafted in the Valentine Shop increases your Subjects' Valentine Spirit. Special items will increase your Subjects' Valentine Spirit even greater per craft, adding a "personal touch," as the Duke says. These favorite items, if crafted for the wrong Subject, will still count for +4 Valentine Spirit (hey, everyone appreciates nice things). 

To see what each Subject's favorite thing is, you can click on the gauge and see in the Valentine Spirit window or by looking at the items in the Valentine Shop.

 = +1 Valentine Spirit

 = +2 Valentine Spirit

 = +8 Valentine Spirt for Raphael (4 for every other Subject) 

Note: All favorite items add +4 for Subjects other than the one it was intended for.)

Why can't I see Sugar Cane in my list of Crops to grow?
Sugar Cane is unlocked by completing the 7th quest, Pride and Groom.

If I am raising Raphael's Spirit gauge but crafting Sonja's favorite items (the Pie), will those count for both or only Raphael?
Sonja's favorite is indeed the pie, but Raphael likes pie as well, just not as much. Since you're focusing on Raphael (or whoever) at the moment, items crafted in the Valentine Shop will only count for him. Craft Raphael's favorite thing (Vanity Mirror) to raise the gauge quicker so you can give Sonja her Pies!

If I craft someone's favorite thing for another subject instead, will it still add points to the gauge? 
Yes! In fact, it will still add more points than regular items, 4, in fact.

It seems like the Valentine Spirit bar isn't going up at all, why not? 
Each time you gather all the Valentine goodies for a subject, the amount you need for the next increases, as does the level of prizes you earn!

Errors or Missing Valentine Spirit Meter?
There is a bug in the Valentine Spirit Meter. You can get errors or even it can be just gone. If this is your case, click fix it in the Zynga Support Page.

Quoting Zynga:

"Greetings your highness,

It has been brought to our attention that Valentine progress meters have disappeared from the game window for a small group of players. The CastleVille developers have outlined this problem and are working up a fix. Once corrected, the Valentine Spirit meter will be restored and regular progress can be made.

We appreciate your feedback and will work hard to quickly resolve this problem. You can help by selecting the Please Fix button below, this helps our engineers prioritize and quickly improve the game play of CastleVille. There is no need to submit an email for this issue. Thanks for your understanding while we sort out this mess.


  1. After crafting the items just sit in my inventory. What is the point of that? Why are the items just sitting there? For example, I finished Yvette and yet the cards and bear I made for her are in my consumables. The cards have a plus1 spirit but are already used for Yvette? What do we do with them and why didn't the characters just take them?

    1. You can use the items and they give you different things (coins, xp, energy...)
      Check the link I added on top (Tips) -

  2. I am sooo glad I found your posting. Castleville is such a mystery to me and they don't explain much. I have a question: I have the total limit of greeting cards and it says to use or sell one. If you click on "USE" what does it do? Sell is self-explanatory. Thank you for your help.

    1. Check Tips and there is a list there of all the items what gives to you when used:

  3. When you raise the whole spirit bar for each characther should you get also a costume? 'coz I don't seem to find anything new after unlocking the first 3 char.

  4. Rewards are in the links also. First one is a teddy bear, last one is a horse. I don't remember all by heart. Check the TIPS page.