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Castleville: Kitchen Crafting Mastery Guide (Mia)

Kitchen Crafting Mastery Guide

Chef Mia, the new Subject in your kingdom, decided to teach you how to master all your old recipes and even some new ones (and you thought your grilled cheese sandwich recipe was pretty good). Check out the guide below for more details! 

Stay tunned for more details!!! It will be updated here.
The Kitchen Mastery will be unlocked only when at the Mission 4 "What a Tart!" from Mia's Questline "Get Cooking" (CLICK HERE to see this Guide) Some players are not receiving this questline, so they need to wait for these masteries also.

How to Master the Saucy Tart, for example: 
How the recipe looks like, before having Mia's Questline
Mastery Level Introduced
Mastery Level 1
The number 0/10 above the recipe means that when you craft this recipe 10 times, you will reach Mastery level 1 on that recipe and be able to craft it 10% faster! The red ribbon shows your Mastery current level (0-zero).

Mastery Level 2 
You reach the Mastery level 2 by crafting 50 times (40 more than the 10 you craft for lvl1) the same item and the reward is +1XP every time you craft it.

You reach the Mastery level 3 by crafting 250 times (200 more lvl2) the same item and the reward is +1Random Ingredient that is used  to make the mastered recipe when you collect  it from the kitchen.

Don't forget to check your Neighbors' walls to find leftover ingredients!

There are ingredients shared with friends by wall post, when reaching a Mastery Level, and occasionally while cooking (see photo above)

Here is the second recipe for you to master Cupcake:
It takes 2 hrs

It takes 15 min.


Q: I reached level 1 mastery on an recipe but it still shows the regular time.

A: Recipes crafted will still show the original time in the Kitchen, but the actual timer on the Kitchen will reflect the increased production time. Place your building in the green to check it.

Q: I just mastered the recipe but all my other recipes are still taking the same amount of time, why is that?
A: Mastery is by each recipe, it doesn't change other recipes.

Q: I love mastery recipes for the Kitchen! Are there plans for mastery recipes in the other Crafting Buildings?
A: Having more subjects means having more famous people, like Mia. There's likely someone out there who can help with crafting mastery for the other Crafting Buildings in the future!

Source: Zynga's Forum

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