Saturday, December 31, 2011

Castleville Poll: What would you like to find here?

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Castleville Free Items 212 Energy


Total is 212 links x 10 energy = 2120 Energy
                 ( for 1 people if you not face item limiter )

Castleville Free Items Xhapire Links (Alchemist Powder and Crystal Shards)

23 Alchemist Powders and 24 Crystal Shards

Friday, December 30, 2011

CastleBerry Punch (1-5)

Available for level 8 or more.
This quest was just released (30-Dec.-2011) and there is a
limit of 13 days to complete it.
The reward for completing these quests is a Castleberry Keg (see image at the end of the quest).

Castleville Free Items 22 Energy Links

Some more bonus links have been finished by Xhapire today. Thanks a lot Xhapire!!!
Time to warm up your finger and mouse now, come on!!!
22 Energy Links Part 1

Castleville Free Items Energy Links 30-Dec-2011

10 Energy links

Castleville Map, Rewards and Requirements

Hover the mouse over the map, to see Rewards and unlocking Requirements.