Thursday, December 1, 2011

Farming, Ranching, and Fishing FAQ's


How do I Fish?
Locate a Pond or a Fishing Barrel and click on it. Note there is a short cool down timer between castings.

What is Fishing Bait, and how does it work?
Fishing Bait improves the drops received from fishing. To use it, go into your Inventory and locate it under “Consumables”. If you need Fishing Bait, it can either be crafted in the Workshop, or can be purchased under “Consumables” in the Market.

Once you have activated Fishing Bait, on your next casting, the rewards from fishing will improve significantly.

Can I Fish at my Neighbors Kingdom?


How does Farming work?
Crops are planted on Empty Farm Plots which can be purchased in the Market.
To plant a crop, simply click on an inactive Farm Plot and select the Crop you would like to grow:


Once you select a crop, you can begin selecting Empty Farm Plots to plant them in.

What can I do with my harvested crops?
Harvested Crops may be used to craft other items or sold for coins from your Inventory.

Is there a way for my Crops to grow faster?
Yes! There are a few ways. First is to surround your Empty Farm Plots with water or Water Pumps. The more water surrounding your crops, the faster your crops will be able to be harvested. Irrigated Crops will be indicated by having water shown on the Farm Plot: 

Also, you can instantly grow crops by using Fertilizer which can be purchased under “Consumables” in the Market as well as crafted through the Bakery. Your visiting Neighbors can also accelerate your crops.


Where can I purchase or locate Animals?
Animals can be purchased in the Market under the Animals Tab and can be found while expanding your Kingdom.

What do animals accomplish for my Kingdom?
Upon feeding, animals not only award XP, but also provide Coins and/or items which can be sold for coins and used in crafting.

Are there different Levels of Animals?
Yes! There are three levels (Baby, Mature, and Adult). After feeding an animal enough times, it will reach the next level. As an animal’s maturity increases, so do the potential rewards received upon feeding.

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