Monday, December 5, 2011

Glitch: Complete Quests


POSTPONE BUTTON was removed.

Currently there is a glitch in Castleville that enables you to complet some of the quests and still get the rewards. Don't try to do this with Alastair and with others it's your decision if you want to take the risk.

How this happens:

  1. Open the quest message box, and click the postpone button (on the left below).
  2. The quest will be gone from the sidebar
  3. Wait the time enough for the game to be saved and refresh your browser
  4. When the game is still loading (or loaded), immediately click the person who gives you the quest (in this case: Yvette)
  5. When you click it, somehow, Rafael will come and help you to skip the quest. The quest is complete and you get the rewards.

Step 1: Your quest was accepted before and now you click "Postpone"

After the refresh... Rafael comes up to complete the quest. 
Rewards are in place :)

The glitch happens, at least when:

  • The quest can be postponed.
  • There is no requirement for requesting items to friends (like fairy wings, mystery meat, etc) - or it is done
  • You need to have the building where the requested material is crafted (dye kit for example needs a  studio)

  • As this glitch can only happen if the quest can be postponed, you can’t skip the Duke’s quests and Quinn’s quests.
  • If the quest has item that needs you to ask friends / neighbors and you still do the cheat, sometimes it will finish the other requirement.
  • PLEASE DO NOT SKIP ALASTAIR QUEST, it might endanger your great hall progress and mess his whole quests.
  • Zinga will fix this ASAP, so you will be able to do this for a period of time.

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