Friday, December 23, 2011

POLL: Do you want neighbors to CUT your TREES?

I did Polls in 3 different places and below there are the results:

Most of the people answered "YES, I do want neighbors to cut down my trees. I need wood." or they DON'T MIND if you do it or not.

A minority group wants to keep the trees as decoration or they have some decorative trees - then only the "big block" (as someone call it) can be cut down. Exception goes to Brazilian people that almost half of them want to keep their tree for decoration.

Everyone doesn't want the LIMIT EDITION TREES to be cut down.

Be aware that these poll is not representative. So, still be careful if you plan to cut your friends trees. The best is ask your friends who wants theirs trees to be cut down. For sure you will have a good number of people answering "PLEASE DO".

Below follows some posted comments:

"Go to town on mine ...chop them all"

"Feel free to cut mine, I need the space!"

"What irks me is not the trees but neighbors who mine my Pile of Rocks or Boulder. Those two objects are not presently renewable. Why must they ignore my Rock Pile when it is located next to these others!"

"If they look like they are part of the scenery stay away, but that big block of em in the corner? Go to town"


  1. Let em mine their own rocks and trees, I want mine left alone. That's what the logging camp and mining camp are for. Really makes me angry that some neighbors cut down my fall trees. I'd like to see a feature in the game where one can put a block on trees and rocks that I want left alone.

  2. I'm going to hunt down who keeps cutting my fall trees and figure out how to remove them from my neighbors