Saturday, June 30, 2012

Castleville: Upcoming Theme - CURSE

Coming Soon!
Curse Theme ... Everyone and everything in our Kingdom is going to be CURSED!!! Kathleen, Quinn, animals, and even Jacques island! Also quests will tell stories about cursed characters (Quinn) and cursed precious stones (Kathleen). Voodoo Craft is coming also? It looks like it! Some witchy recipes and books. New buildings and costumes also. 
Check below the sneak peek images.

Castleville Guide: Kingdom Refit Ulrich Quest

Kingdom Refit - Ulrich Quest:

Our equipment kingdom needs repairs. Even the ovens in the kitchen need replacement. And what about the Party Pavilion? Oh! That one also! Who better than Ulrich to do this job? Ulrich does it well done and then, let's party! In the Pavilion, of course. Here is the guide for these 10 missions Ulrich quest line.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Castleville: The Book of Sinister Schemes P.1 Quest Coming Soon!

Coming soon! 
The Book of Sinister Schemes - Part 1
Alastair Quest

Do you remember the book of sinister schemes in the quest of "Gloom Lord" (click here to go to the Gloom Lord Quest)? Well, this book is coming again to Castleville and probably we will spend some time with these quest lines. There are information of a PART 1, what means there is at least a PART 2 :) 

For now the information is very few. I will update with a sneak peek quest, as soon as there is more information.

Castleville Guide: The Relatively Dimensional Dairy Barn Quest (Duke)

The Relatively Dimensional Dairy Barn 
(1-9 Missions)
Duke Quest
Start storing your cows in the Dairy Barn and get milk from several cows by collecting from this building. As it was mentioned before (click here to go to the post about Dairy Barn), The Duke is running out of milk and Giovanni is going to help him. 

Check below the complete quest guide.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Castleville Guide: Sharped-Dressed Men-Izadora Quest

Izadora Quest
Sharp-Dressed Men (1-10)
Izadora is trying to come up with the Next Big Thing in Fashion and she got all stressed out. Luckily she has you to rescue her and cooling her down! Everyone is helping and at the end Izadora has a very successful with her Men's Clothes Line.

Check below the quest in 10 missions of Fashion. 

Castleville Guide: Faugrimm's Vacation Quest

Faugrimm's Vacation (1-11)
Vacation time and for Faugrimm also. For us it will be a great opportunity to explore more the gloom. This quest line will open 3 new gloom areas for us to explore. These new areas will next the expansion where it was the Dragon Cave (upper on map, on the right side).

Check below the QUEST in 11 missions of Faugrimm's Vacation.

Click here to check images related with this quest. 

Castleville: 1 FREE ITEM (Energy, Shards or Mystery)

Zynga Incentives Daily Rewards:

This is only valid for 1 time per day.
Every day in Castleville there are now FREE gifts: one small, large or small energy drink, an exploration  crystal, an
alchemist powder or a golden brick or others.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Castlevile Guide: The Relatively Dimensional Barn Dairy Giovanni Quest

The Relatively Dimensional Dairy Barn
The Duke has a problem with cows. Well, the Duke is frequently running out of milk and if there is something that the Duke loves is just baked cookies with fresh milk. Thought, Duke had to milked cows instead of eating his just baked cookies. Then Giovanni comes in... 

Now, we can help the Duke to have a bigger storage of milk and then he won't run out of milk. We will get the Dairy Barn and a Cow Statue. More new recipes will be added in the game.
At this time the missions were not complete and sneak peek images were added below!


To get it you need to be a FAN from AMEX and to have an Armor.
As soon as it is release, this information will be updated.

Castleville: Royal LightHouse

Royal Lighthouse!
You can buy the Royal Lighthouse in the market by 330 thousand coins. This new building will add to your kingdom 300 Castle Points and rewards 3050 coins.

Check the needed materials and some more images below:

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Castleville: Treasure Chests Items from Jacques' Island

Treasure Chests Items from Jacques' Island

Locations and Rewards
First we only get 5 treasure chest. Later we will get more 3 near each statue head. Some players already found lots of items inside of 14 treasure chests in Jacques Island. For your luck (and mine) they register all locations and which items we can get by each treasure chest. 

See below this Treasure Chest locations and Reward Items list:

Castleville Guide: Sonja's Pirate Tavern Quest - Released!

Sonja's Pirate Tavern Quest Line (1-8)
Available as per level 27 and
Completed the Quest: The Cursed Chest.
Things are rather dullsville in Castleville !!! Help Sonja to open her Pirate Tavern in 8 missions and keeping her busy. Rewards are: the Pirate Tavern, and 3 mystery boxes (Blue, Green and Yellow).

Check the sneak peek and stay tuned!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Castleville: More 3 Puppies - Coming Soon!

Coming Soon! 
More 3 Puppies !!!
For the puppies lovers, it is coming soon to Castleville three new puppies. The Poddle dog will be available also in the pink and purple color.

Check the sneak peek images below:

Castleville: Mystery Crates - Coming Soon!

Coming Soon! 
Mystery Crates With Free Items
Mystery crates are coming to Castleville with different rewards. These crates are different colors and you will be able to know what kind of rewards they hold by their color.

Check the sneak peek images below:

Castleville: Gloom Theme? Gloom Items!

Gloom Theme? Purple Slime Theme? 
Maybe this theme is just Fraugrimm's Vacation LOL. This time exploring the gloom (3 gloom areas) will bring us more trapped animals, trees and backpacks. Both trapped animals will be a nice to have, as you can see by the main horse in this post. A new "beast" is coming called Gloomwart. New crafting recipes are coming... and let's wait for the release.  (Note this was a sneak peek)
Check the images below:

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Castleville Guide: A Tale of Two Pirates Quest

A Tale of Two Pirates (12 Missions)
Available at Level 13 or Above
Where there's a pirate ship, there's treasure. This is the plot for this pirate's quest line from Sonja. It starts in the Land's End, and we get there by visiting your new neighbor Jacques (new character). There is a shipwreck that needs repair. She's been ravaged by a Gloom Storm and Jacques cannot repair it on his own. She is loaded with treasure that Jacques is willing to share as compensation. 

Let's help him? Check below how!!!

Castleville: Coming Soon! Sharp-Dressed Men Izadora Quest

Izadora Quest
Released! Sharp-Dressed Men

Izadora is trying to come up with the Next Big Thing in Fashion and she got all stressed out. Luckily she has you to rescue her and cooling her down! Everyone is helping and at the end Izadora has a very successful with her Men's Clothes Line.

Check the sneak peek for these 10 missions of Fashion. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Castleville: Number 1 Fan Rafael Upcoming Quest

Coming Soon!
# 1 Fan (1-10) 
Quest Rafael’s
This looks to be a very straight forward quest line given from Rafel.  Rafael just got a letter from his #1 Fan! For a long time he didn't receive any. Let's make him happy and finding more fan mails for him?
Check the quest-line below:

Monday, June 18, 2012

Castleville: New Character Jacques (Pirates Theme)

Meet Jacques - The Pirate! 
A new character is coming to Castleville .... Jacques is Sonja's former first mate. And yes, he is a pirate !!! A extraordinaire pirate !!!I He has sailed the seven seas. The only thing that could melt this cold pirate heart was Sonja, the former captain... The Dread Pirate Sonja. Jacques was thinking that Sonja was dead, until he finds her in Land's End, exactly when he was looking for help with the shipwreck and treasures.

Jacques 1st quest (unreleased): A Tale of Two Pirates (CLICK HERE).

Check the sneak peek images below, including an amazing image from Jacques ISLAND:

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Castleville: Explore More Two Gloom Areas

What lies Beyond the Swamp? 
It become available today !!!
More Two (2) Gloom Areas 
Ready To Explore
It  seems that we do not need to complete any quest for these expansions. They are just available. Ziffer, from Zynga's Forum, informed that more expansions were made available and it is real !!!

Check below where are these areas and their requirements:

Castleville Tip: Color Level 10 Royal Buildings

Use a Different Color for:
- Royal Buildings with Level 10
Some friends of mine had this great idea - coloring the Royal Buildings with a different color. Using the Design Mode, chose the paint (same place as the Move and Storage button) and start coloring your Royal Buildings with Level 10. Then, inform your friends about it - posting in a group or a page or simply changing the name of your kingdom for "Red Royal Lv 10", for example. Or "Not Red Royal lv10". Or say which color you want or do NOT want to be tended. Check the images below:

Friday, June 15, 2012

Castleville: Royal Garden Released

Released !!!
Royal Garden
It was released for the Market the Royal Garden by 330,000 coins. It is buildable and you need to gather the required materials (20 Golden Bricks, 18 Stone Blocks, 12 Royal Seals, 40 Pails of Water). 

This Royal Garden gives you 440 Castle Points, 44 extra points for each level and rewards daily 3050 Coins.

Check the images below:

Castleville: Pirates Theme Items (Coming Soon)

Coming Soon!
Pirates Theme
Discover the new items from the pirates theme. There is a new gloom: Gloom Croc (on the left here), new animals, new nature, new decorations, new special effects and of course an island and pirates ships.

Check the sneak peek images below:

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Castleville: Free Spirit Unicorn Official Guide

  Official Guide   
Save the Spirit Unicorn! Every time you summon one of the Unicorn Mages, and finish the associating quest with it, you'll receive some pretty amazing prizes! Check out the OFFICIAL SHORT GUIDE below to learn more.

Castleville Guide: The 7 Unicorns Yvette Quest

The 7 Unicorns (1-8)
Yvette's Quest
More SPECIAL 7 (SEVEN) UNICORNS, Royal Unicorn Statues and  the 8th Unicorn for you to keep it. All Unicorns look amazing! Another BAR was added to the game where you can get several nice items from the unicorn collection.

CLICK HERE to see information of the 7 Unicorn Statues. They give with more Castle Points by the upgrade.

CLICK HERE for the Official Guide "Free the Spirit Unicorn" Bar.

Check below the complete Quest Line, with recipes and new items images. Also there is a table with all the information about how many points you get by each recipe and then you can fill your bar quicker:

Castleville: ROYAL Unicorn STATUES- 7 Unicorns Quest

Unicorn ROYAL Statues!
These unicorn statues are ROYAL and they will give you Castle points. You will get one statue and then you will be able to upgrade to a 7th level when this Statue at the left side will give you 500 Castle Points.

Check the images below:

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Castleville Guide: Skippy's New Place Quest

George's Quest
Available Above Level 27and 
Completed Quest #6 of George's A Pet for George Quest Line.
George, the miner, returns with a new quest line and he brings Skippy and a Royal Garden. In fact this story is about this small rock, “who” will be looking for his own place. At the end, Skippy finds his new place. For this quest, you need to have 2 other royal buildings: Conservatory and Cathedral. If you don't have them, start building them now.

Is George going to be alone again? Give us your opinion.

Check below the quest line that is going to be released very soon:

Monday, June 11, 2012

Castleville: Small Notes of News in The Game

News !!!
Only Some Small Notes
1) Characters are talking different. Did you notice? Now they say "No Quest At This Time".
2) We are receiving Turkey Legs from friends that gives us +1 Energy. This new item was added to the table Free Gifts.

Check images below:

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Castleville: Character Merida - An Expert Archer (Disney Pixar's Brave)

Character Merida
- An Expert Archer  from the World Disney Pixar's Brave
Merida is from Disney Pixar's Brave and she is in Castleville to show you how to become an expert Archer! At the end of her first Quest Line "Brave" she says "Until then... Farewell". It was only a visit!

Castleville: Archery Tournament Official Guide (Brave)

Archery Tournament Official Guide !!! 
Earning awesome prizes just got more exciting! With Merida around to help you perfect your archery shot, you'll now be able to gain sweet items at the Archery Tournament! 
CLICK HERE to go to the Brave Quest Guide

Check out the short official guide below to begin!

Castleville Guide: Brave Merida Quest

Meet Merida
Castleville Brave (1-9)
Available at level 8 or Above
Merida is the character from the upcoming Disney Pixar Movie: Brave and she will give you this Quest Line with 9 missions. A new feature is introduced: the Archery Tournament Game - CLICK HERE to see the official guide. 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Castleville: Mystery Boxes-Archery Tournament

Mystery Boxes (Archery Tournament)
The mystery boxes are rewards in the Archery Tournament introduce by the quest line BRAVE, so don't buy it in the market (they cost 5 crowns). You can sell them by 40 coins, though it is always nice to discover what they can give you and maybe you will get a special item that is no longer in the market.

USE THEM, TO GET SPECIAL REWARDS!!! See below what they can offer you:

Monday, June 4, 2012

Castleville: Disney Brave Theme Upcoming!

Upcoming Theme: Disney Pixar - BRAVE

New theme is coming: Disney Pixar - Animation Movie named BRAVE. The main character from this Animation is Merida, and she will come to Castleville and with a new quest. The new decorations, as usual, will be the same theme: archery. The new upcoming quest line has 9 missions and it will introduce a new feature: the archery tournament, where there are some nice items as rewards. 

Enjoy the images as a sneak peek:

Castleville: Released! 4th Kitchen Limited time

Released for a Limited Time!
The 4th Kitchen!
As it happened with the workshop, soon we will be able to add the 4th Kitchen in our kingdom. We will buy the kitchen in the market (it costs 10.000 coins) and then we need to build, collecting the required materials. Check below the materials required.