Sunday, June 24, 2012

Castleville: Treasure Chests Items from Jacques' Island

Treasure Chests Items from Jacques' Island

Locations and Rewards
First we only get 5 treasure chest. Later we will get more 3 near each statue head. Some players already found lots of items inside of 14 treasure chests in Jacques Island. For your luck (and mine) they register all locations and which items we can get by each treasure chest. 

See below this Treasure Chest locations and Reward Items list:

Real Jacques Island ;) with Treasure Chests Locations:

Treasure Chests Item Rewards:
1. Rocks and Tropical Plants
2. Large Palm Trees
3 and 9. Hammock 4 and 14. Torches
5. Tropical Plants and Tropical Flowers
and 11. Hut and 12. Head statue
8. Wind Totem 10 and 13. Small Hut

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