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Castleville Rafael Quests: Love in The Time of Gloom

Love in The Time of Gloom

"While freeing Sonja in the gloom, I missed Yvette who kept a brave face against Faugrimms' Beasties! She is the one!!"

1. Fried Fish and Love
How could I have been blind to Yvette? I am smitten! My friend, will you help me win her heart?
  • 5 Mystery Meat. Known ingredients? No Delicious? Yes. (Ask friends for Mystery Meat or grab them from your news feeds)
  • Use 1 Hyper Craft from your inventory (Craft Hyper Craft -> Kitchen or Buy Market-> consumables, for reputation)
  • Have 2 Fried Fish, one for Rafael, one for Yvette (Craft Fried Fish-> Kitchen, it takes 8 hours, requires 4 basses, 4 oils and 2 flours)
  • Rewards – 3250 Coins and 65 Experience Point
2. Animal Lover
Yvette cares not for high cuisine, she wishes to save animals from Senor Shadow’s control. If I, too, care for animals, she will love me in return…I think.
  • Buy 5 animals for Yvette (Buy market-> Animals, but before check your inventory, it counts if you place them in your Kingdom from there. You may have gotten some as thank you gifts!)
  • Have 3 Hay Bales (Buy Hay Bales in the Market)
  • Groom 1 animal in 5 different Neighbors’ Kingdoms (Visit 5 different friends and find animals that do NOT have a yellow arrow above them. Click these to groom)
  • Rewards – 3250 Coins and 65 Experience Points
3. A Helping Hand
A woman’s heart is no easy prize. You need kindness, strength, and willingness… to do chores.
  • Have 2 brick ovens to show willingness to help with the chores (Craft brick ovens -> workshop. Requires 2 Stone Block, 2 Wood Planks, and 5 Reputation)
  • Help neighbors 15 times with chores (Visit 3 neighbors and perform activities)
  • Yardwork. Water 10 saplings (Click on trees with yellow arrows above them, to water saplings)
  • Rewards – 3250 Coins and 65 Experience Points
4. Art of Love
Now that the chores are done, I have noticed there is such drear because of the Gloom. Painting a portrait of fair Yvette is sure to dispel it!!
  • Craft 1 Parchment for a portrait to show Rafael’s artistic side (Craft Parchment -> Studio. Requires 4 wood logs and 46 cotton and 7 minutes)
  • Have 1 Bottle of Ink for the portrait. (Craft Bottles of ink -> Studio, Requires 3 Berries and 3 Buckets of water and 10 minutes)
  • Have 5 feathers for quills (Any color feather will do. Collect feathers by tending peacocks, grabbing them from the news feeds, or asking friends.)
  • Rewards – 2500 Coins and 50 Experience Points
5. Show of  Strength
In the end, you and I , and maybe a few others, will stand together to save the Kingdom. What more could impress Yvette?
  • Help Rafael to show off  by crafting one anvil for him to lug around (Craft Anvil -> Workshop. Requires 5 Stone Blocks and 5 Alchemist powders)
  • Move 10 rocks around to show off those muscles (Move 1 rock 10 times, or 10 rocks 1 time each)
  • Have 6 Dragon scales to show that you are not afraid of overgrown lizards. (Ask friends for Dragon Scales or grab them from news feeds)
  • Rewards – 2500 Coins and 50 Experience Points
6. Ooh, Shiny!
I now realize that showing my muscles was wrong. Actions speaks more than a thousand gifts. Unless those gifts involve ending the Gloom. Or jewelry.
  • Have 3 Rubies, for Jewelry, to show generosity (Mine rocks to find Rubies)
  • Collect 5 Silver Ore  (Mines)
  • Feed 5 Peacocks neighbor's kingdom
  • Rewards – 2500 Coins and 50 Experience Points
7. A Good Word
Yvette cares not for showy things like rubies or peacocks. In times like these, men of honor are needed.
  • Spend 20 or more Reputation Hearts (Earn Reputation Hearts by visiting neighboring Kingdoms and helping do chores. Go to the Market to spend your hearts)
  • Tax Rafael’s house 5 times to show his responsibility (You must tax his house in your own Kingdom. Collecting from neighbors does not count for this quest. Rafael’s house resets every 30 minutes.)
  • Clobber 1 Beastie in 5 different neighbor’s Kingdoms (You only have to clobber the beast 1 time, you do not have to banish them)
  • Rewards – 2500 Coins and 50 Experience Points
8. Berry Sweet
My date with Yvette, it must be perfect! Will you help me prepare, my friend?
  • Collect from 5 Bakeries in Neighbor Kingdoms, well the good ones (Go to Duke’s kingdom and collect from his, you can go there 5 different times)
  • Craft 1 Chocolate Bar for Rafael to woo Yvette (Craft-> Kitchen. Requires 5 Cocoa, 1 Stick of butter, and 4 Bottles of Milk. It takes 1.5 hours )
  • Have 15 Berries for Rafael to feed to Yvette (Gather berries by clearing grass or tending Fairy mushrooms)
  • Rewards – 2000 Coins and 40 Experience Points
9. Romantic Garden
Tonight I meet with Yvette. A few letters of love will dispel the presence of Senor Shadow. If only for the two of us.
  • Place 5 Decorations, something romantic (Market-> Decorations.  The 4 rivers in the next requirement count for 4 of the decorations!)
  • Buy 4 rivers to make a romantic stream (Buy Rivers in the Market, under water decorations. They cost 100 coin each. You have to buy the rivers, placing them from your inventory will not count)
  • Have 8 Love Letters. Don’t get Sonja and Yvette confused (Ask your friends for Love Letters or grab them from the feed)
  • Rewards – 3250 Coins and 65 Experience Points
10. Save the Date
Such beauty! But I can’t woo Yvette when Gloom threatens our world. Let us take steps to end it forever, my friend.
  • You MUST explore two (2) plots to add to your kingdom to complete this quest.
  • Rewards – 3250 Coins and 65 Experience Points and deco: Large carved owl.

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