Thursday, December 1, 2011


What are Beasties?
Beasties are gloom creatures which lockdown the area around where they spawn.

Examples: rats, wolfs, ...

Lockdown: Anything in Lockdown will be indicated by being darkened with a red border around it.

You will not be able to interact with anything in lockdown. Clicking on anything in lockdown will spawn a pop-up prompt alerting you that piece of your Kingdom is locked down.

How do Beasties end up in my Kingdom?

While performing in game actions, there is a small chance a Beastie will spawn. You may also encounter them upon expanding your Kingdom or in the course of completing a quest.

How do I get rid of Beasties?
Click on the Beastie you would like to Target to attack it. Beasties normally require more than one strike to be taken out. The bar above it indicates how close you are to removing it from your Kingdom.

Is there an easier way to defeat Beasties?
Yes! A Super Clobber can be used to defeat a Beastie with a single blow. They can be found in the Consumables section in the Market and can be crafted in the Workshop.

Can my Neighbors help me with Beasties?
Yes! They can navigate to your Kingdom and thrash the Beasties which have invaded. You can also help out in the same fashion in their Kingdom as well.

Fighting Beasties is fun, is there a way for me to fight them besides waiting on them to spawn?

Yes! Each beastie has its own potion which you can use to spawn them. Keep in mind that Beasties drawn in by a potion function the same as those spawned normally, so part of your Kingdom will be locked down until it is defeated.

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