Monday, December 12, 2011

Save Kris Kringle Quest

  1. Snow Fall
    - Place the landing target so Kris Kringle knows where to land. (Go into your inventory and place the landing target on a 4×4 empty area)
    - Click on the target to let Kris know you’re ready! (Simply click on the landing target you’ve placed and watch Kris Kringle crash into it)
    - Help Kris Kringle out of the snow (Interact with the crashed Kris Kringle to pull him out of the snow)
    Rewards: 500 Coins and 10 xp
  2. Ode to toy
    - Place the Gift Shoppe foundation from your inventory (Check your inventory under buildings and place the Gift Shoppe on a suitable lot)
    - Build the Gift Shoppe. We need new presents! (Building the gift shoppe requires 10 wood and 10 stone) Hint: I’ve heard some people that it also requires 10 wreaths that can be requested through your friends, but in my case it was different, maybe an update?
    Rewards: 500 Coins, 10 xp, 1 Candy cane pole
  3. Slipping up
    - Craft 1 holiday slipper in your gift shoppe (This requires 5 wool, 2 wool threads, 1 bell) Hint: You can request the bell from your friends, wool can be harvest on a sheep, wool threads crafted on studios.
    - Collect 1 holiday slipper from your gift shoppe once its complete (Takes approximately 1 hour to craft 1 slipper)
    - Decorate your kingdom with yulefest holiday. Have 3 holiday trio candles. (Candles can be bought on the market –> decorations)
    Rewards: 750 Coins and 15 xp
  4. Sugar Rush
    - Craft 1 tasty fruit cake from your gift shoppe (Requires 8 pcs of grapes, 10 wheat bundles, 2 spices for 1 fruit cake. You can request the spices from friends.
    - Tend 1 neighbor’s kitchen to look for day-old pastries (Requires you to visit a neighbor and tend their kitchen)
    - Have 3 cookies to restore Kris Kringle’s strength (Post request in Facebook feeds)
    Rewards: 750 Coins, 15 xp, 1 festive wreath lamp
  5. Sacked Out
    - Craft 5 presents in your gift shoppe (Simply choose the fastest crafting time to speed up the quest, remember that time is essential in completing all 10 quests)
    - Harvest 20 flax for making ropes (Plant flax on empty farm plots and harvest when ready)
    - Craft 4 ropes to stitch up Kringle’s gift bag (Craft-> workshop, requires flax)
    Rewards: 1000 Coins and 20 xp
  6. Cheer and Present Danger
    - Use 1 supper clobber to banish those thieves. (Craft-> workshop OR buy in the market-> it costs 20 reputation points. Super Clobbers does 4 damage points)
    - Winter gloom thieves are trying to steal your presents! Banish 2 winter gloom thieves. (they have 8 hit points, equal to use 2 Supper Clobbers)
    - Have 4 unicorn sparkles. It acts as a natural repellent of gloom! (Post request in Facebook feeds)
    Rewards: 1000 Coins, 20 xp, 1 Snowflake banner
  7. Over River, Through Woods
    - Craft 5 presents from your gift shop (Simply choose the fastest crafting time to speed up the quest)
    - Spread some yulefest cheer! Earn 10 reputation (Simply visit your neighbors and help tend their kingdom to gain reputation)
    - Tend 3 neighbor’s gift shop (Tend to neighbors gift shops by accelerating or collecting)
    Rewards: 1000 Coins and 20 xp
  8. A Creature is Stirring
    - Have 5 blueprints to get ideas for new toys (Post request in Facebook feeds)
    - Use 2 hyper-craft to accelerate crafting (Craft->  workshop or buy in the market using 30 reputation points. Hyper-craft decreases 30 minutes of crafting time)
    - Craft 4 wind-up beasties. Gloom not included (Craft  -> Gift shoppe, requires 12 wood, 3 rat tails, 3 wind-up keys for 1 wind-up rat beastie. Wind-up keys can randomly be found on neighbors kingdoms, simply do activities on their kingdom).
    Rewards: 1000 Coins, 20 xp, 1 Gingerbread man
  9. So Fluffy
    - Have 30 Cotton for making a stuffed unicorn (Plant cotton on empty plots and harvest 30 pieces if you have none in stock)
    - Place 5 pretty flowers for inspiration (market-> decorations –> nature)
    - Tend 10 flowers in your kingdom (Click in the flowers in your kingdom, tending will gather beeswax and honey as well)
    Rewards: 1500 Coins, 30 xp
  10. Jingle Bell Ruckus
    - Banish the 3 thieves (Clobber these pesky thieves, better use power-ups like supper clobber. They take much energy if you use normal attacks)
    - Craft 10 stuffed unicorns. Awww! (Craft-> Gift Shoppe, this may take a while)
    - Consume 5 fruitcakes to keep up your stamina (Craft-> Gift shoppe and collect when ready. After use them from your inventory-> consumables)
    Rewards: 1750 coins, 35 xp, Festive Globe

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