Thursday, December 22, 2011

Castleville Yvette Quests: Father’s Love

Father’s Love

Almost reach level 22Did you complete the Lovelorn quests?

Then prepare yourself for Yvette Father’s Love quest, with a total of 10 missions. At the end, you will be rewarded with the golden goose and golden eggs.

1. Big Trip
“We could be searching for my home for days! Weeks even! I’ve never been on a big trip. What do we need?”
  • Change your Character’s Outfit (Customize your Character any way you see fit!)
  • Have 2 Chocolate Bars to snack on while you explore for Yvette’s Old Farm House (Craft-> Kitchen)
  • Don’t forget to feed the animals before you leave. Feed 2 Animals to Adulthood (It takes multiple feedings to grow an animal to adulthood. You can also craft or buy Animal Treats to do it faster)
  • Rewards: 2500 coins, 50 XP

2. Homecoming
“I’m not sure which way my old home used to be. I get so lost… I know the foundation was by some farm plots…”
  • Explore to find where Yvette used to live (Look for a foundation, farm plots, roots and mushrooms as clues to the location)
  • Have 6 Spyglasses to look for Yvette’s Old Farmhouse (Ask Friends for Spyglasses) 
  • Rewards: 4250 coins, 85 XP
Warning: Until you’ve finished the whole Father’s Love quest, DO NOT MOVE ANY OBJECTS in the Yvete’s Old Farmhouse area, because one of the quests requirements is to tend the objects.

3. Rebuilding
“Looks like Daddy hasn’t been home for a while. Can you help fix up the house so the Gloom can’t come back?”
  • Buy 4 Rivers to replace the old dried up creek (market-> Nature)
  • Tends all the roots in the yard (Click on roots to Tend them).
  • Build Yvette’s Old Farmhouse (Requires 10 wood planks, 10 stone blocks, 1 bag of nails and 1 hammer)
  • Rewards: 2500 coins, 50 XP

4. Housekeeping
“I’ll tidy up inside the house. If you clean the yard, it’ll inspire others to stand up to the Gloom!”
  • Have 2 Wool Clothes to dust the house with (Craft-> Studio, you must own a Tailor)
  • Earn 25 Reputation Hearts (Visit Neighbors and do activities in their Kingdom to earn Reputation Hearts)
  • Clear away 5 rocks, plants or trees (Some nature items will take several clicks to clear. You can also clear tree stumps) WARNINGThere is a bug here if you do this in neighbors's kingdoms. Do the "Earn 25 Reputation Hearts" first!
  • Rewards: 3250 coins, 65 XP

5. Flower Arranging
“Daddy’s favorite? Oh! His favorite flowers! Let’s find some – Uh oh… I think some Beasties are lurking!”
  • Have 8 Regal Hoes to help with the clearing (Ask Friends for Regal Hoes)
  • Tend the flowers near Yvette’s old farmhouse (Flowers take some time until you can tend them again)
  • Banish 5 Beasties, nasty creatures of the Gloom (Click on Beasties to Banish them)
  • Rewards: 2500 coins, 50 XP

6. Lunch Time
“My favorite food? Pizza! But what does that have to do with portals or the Gloom? Only one way to find out.”
  • Have 1 Pizza (Craft-> Kitchen. Requires that you own a Bakery)
  • Have 1 Cloth Apron. Don’t want those Hot Buns getting on your outfit! (Craft-> Studio)
  • Put your Cooking to good use. Use one cooking item (Use items in the Consumables section of your Inventory)
  • Rewards: 3500 coins, 70 XP

7. Fishing Trip
“I always liked mushroom pizza. Daddy’s next clue must be near the mushrooms by the river.”
  • Fish in 10 Neighbors Kingdoms (Visit a Neighbor and fish in there pond or barrel! Don’t waste yours! fish from it)
  • Clear 3 Mushrooms (Click Mushrooms to Clear them)
  • Use 1 Fishing Bait from your Inventory (Fishing Bait will yeild better loot! You can either Craft or purchase Fishing Bait)
  • Rewards: 2500 coins, 50 XP

8. Me Time
“Overcome my fear? There’s the Gloom, angry bunnies… I should relax before I really scare myself.”
  • Help Yvette relax by Harvesting 10 Strawberries in your Kingdom (Click on Empty Farm Plots to plant Crops)
  • Relax Yvette with some Bubbly Grog. She’ll need 3. (Crafted-> Kitchen)
  • Have 10 pails of water to make Yvette a yummy bath (Fish to uncover the Pail and other items in the pond. It takes some time for the pond to restock)
  • Rewards: 2500 coins, 50 XP

9. Afraid of the Dark
“Daddy hid the treasure in our cellar! I was too afraid to go there, but not now, with all the Gloom.”
  • Have 2 Candles to light the way (Craft-> Studio)
  • Have 1 Knife for Yvette to use as protection (Craft-> Workshop)
  • Have 10 Whetstones to get the knife nice and sharp (Ask Friends for Whetstones)
  • Rewards: 4250 coins, 85 XP, Golden Egg

10. The Golden Egg
“My father is so brave! I’m staying to fight the Gloom. I’ll leave him a note if – WHEN – he returns.”
  • Have 10 Parchments for Yvette’s note (Craft-> Studio)
  • Have 1 Bottle of Ink to write with (Craft-> Studio)
  • Visit 10 different Neighbors’ Kingdoms to leave copies of the note – just in case (Click on the Neighbor bar to visit their Kingdoms)
  • Rewards: 5250 coins, 105 XP, Golden Goose

The golden goose can give you, per feed, within 24 hours, a golden egg and 100 coins


  1. I did the quest but I didn't got the gold goose, I got just the gold egg

    1. Contact Zynga. There is this bug here and they will compensate it.

  2. So I moved everything from Yvette's area before I read this. How do I tell which kind of flowers were from that area?

    1. Try to get some flowers and place them there. It should work. Roots are bad because they cost crowns. Tell me after if it worked. So, just buy some nice flowers. :)