Sunday, February 19, 2012

Castleville: Released Energy Totem For More Energy

Energy Totem Gives You Extra 3 Energy Daily!

Released!!! Available in your WORKSHOP... 
The Energy Totem enables ALL players to increase DAILY by +3 Max Energy in their Energy Bar!!! 

Go to your workshop and have available:
Materials: 40 Stone Bricks, 30 Gold Bricks, 15 Fairy Dust and 10 Pickaxes. Time Crafting 46.7 hrs. 
It is a permanent adding in your energy bar, increasing from 25 to 28 energy bar capacity, after placing the Energy Totem in your kingdom. The recipe will be gone when your Energy Totem is crafted and collected from the Workshop. Some players noticed that they still have the recipe there when crafting the Energy Totem. So, maybe you can craft more at the same time. If you can use them later, maybe yes, maybe not. It's a risk that you take, if you decide to do it.

After crafted the Energy Totem will be found in your Inventory in the Decor tab:

Crafting the Energy Totem
Here you can see that after placed the Energy bar now is 28.

Here showing the details of the Energy bar - max 28.
Energy bar has 23 energy and it will get 24 in 2min.45sec. and it goes on filling until it reaches the limit 28 (previously was 25).

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Source of the photo: Zynga's Forum 


  1. 40 Stone Block
    15 Fairy Dust
    5 Iron Picks
    5 Gold Bricks

    Craftable in Workshop

    12 hrs

    1. ??? What do you mean? Do you mean this item will be craft in the Workshop and those are the requirements?

    2. Thanks a lot! I didn't get that detail :)

  2. Its 40 Stone Blocks, 15 Fairy Dust, 30 Gold Bricks, 10 Iron Picks

  3. its not worth my time and all that stuf

  4. Why can't we make more energy totems, if we're willing to gather all the supplies? We should be able to make our own energy bar limit in order to be able to complete tasks daily? Every player I know is frustrated with this aspect of the game. Come on, Zynga! Help us out! Anyone agree?

  5. Question. If you tend a Neighbor's Energy Totem do you receive energy yourself?

    1. You can't tend the Energy totem in your neighbors.