Thursday, February 16, 2012

Castleville: Release Notes for Starting Down the Swamp

Release Notes: Starting down the Swamp

Hi CastleVille Fans,
It is time to expand into the swamp, but the Gloom is stronger than ever down there:
New Additions:1) Introduced the Starting Down the Swamp Quests and additional Expansions.
2) Added Quests for players Level 25+
3) Added a second Quest Line for Mia.
1) Reduced Mia's Character size on gameboard by 15%
2) Fairy Frosting, Stone, Wood Logs, Pine Tree Saplings, and Rocks are now on the Free Gifts Page

Bug Fixes:
1) Neighbor Actions now display more reliably
2) Placing Courtyard at edge of bridge no longer causes a OOS
3) George should movement should now be centered around his Mine.
4) Beastie Bombs now count towards Quest Progress.

If you want to leave your feedback to Zynga, comment on Zynga's Blog Post or in the Starting down the Swamp Feedback Thread on Zynga Official Forums!

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