Friday, February 24, 2012

Castleville: Neighbors Alliances Guide

Check out the guide below for information about starting Alliances!
Creating Alliances with your Neighbors is easy, and today we'll show you how! The more Alliances you have, the more amazing things you will unlock in the Market; unlock Decorations, Buildings and more by completing tasks in your Neighbors' Kingdoms.

  1. To get started we'll check out the Duke's Kingdom. If you look at his name on the Neighbor bar you'll notice the Alliance bar above showing your current progress in becoming his Ally. (From the picture below you can see that I have already completed some tasks in his Kingdom.)

  2. Once we get to his (or your Neighbor's) Kingdom, we see that we aren't Allies yet. This new window also shows some of the sweet rewards we'll receive after getting 3, 7 and 15 new Allies!

  3. After closing this screen, you will now see an icon at the top right which currently says that I am "Not Allies" with the Duke. Clicking on this, the Alliance meter, will bring up the window shown in the step above, and some of the next prizes.

  4. All we need to do now is do some more actions in the Duke's Kingdom; so after tending some Flowers, beating up a Beastie or two, etc, we should now have become Allies with the Duke!

  5. Now that we're Allies with the Duke, there is a banner whenever we hover the mouse over his name in the Neighbor bar, as well as an Alliance icon next to his picture! When visiting the Duke's Kingdom, there will also be a banner that shows that we're Allies. You can click this to show what rewards you can unlock next and how many Allies you have (your current number of Alliances can also be viewed in the Market next to your XP)


Q: Where can I see how many Allies I have?
A: You can find out how many Allies you currently have by clicking on the Market, there you will see your Alliance score icon. You can also see how many Allies you have by clicking on the Alliance meter at the top-right of the screen in any Neighbor's Kingdom. 

Q: What does this Alliance score do for me?
A: The more Alliances you have, the better awards you'll unlock! Having a higher amount means you'll unlock even more special items in the Market. Items that can be unlocked by Alliances will have an Alliance icon with the amount of Allies required in the description when you hover the mouse over it.

Source: Zynga's Forum

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