Friday, April 6, 2012

Castleville: Coming Soon 9 Missions - Fountain Reward

 Sneak Peek!
Upcoming 9 Missions,
with a Fountain as Final Reward
It is unknown who will be the subject giving you this quest line, or when these missions are going to be released. 
UPDATED: This Fountain will give CROWNS as rewards.

Since the missions are still UNRELEASED, both the sequence of tasks and the numbers differ slightly! 

Mission 1
  • Collect x Eggs to give Tom an Olympic form
  • Clear x Nature items of your kingdom, to prepare the training ground for the Guard of Darkness
  • Move x Cows, together with Tom for getting hard steel muscles

Mission 2
  • Collect x Coins, to pay the costs
  • Craft x Kegs
  • Ask for x Contact information sheets

Mission 3
  • Visit the Duke
  • Eat x chocolate bars
  • Craft x Dough for the Duke, so he eats healthy

Mission 4
  • Use a Wood Club from your inventory for tickling small beasts
  • Attract x gloom rats by harvesting plots
  • Gather x rat tails, to prove your worth

Mission 5

  • Tax once Raphael's house to pay his enrollment
  • Have x Bags of nails
  • Have a pair of scissors to cut your sleeves

Mission 6

  • Craft x pieces of butter, to help Raphael to escape the gloomy goblins
  • Take care once of neighbors miner camps, to verify the presence of gloom goblins
  • Use x goblin potions

Mission 7

  • Tax once Yvette's House
  • Send hearts to know the Keeper of the Darkness
  • Tend x Flowers in neighbors kingdoms to beautify

Mission 8

  • Ask for x Thick Books for Yvette to climb on and impress the thieves
  • Craft x buttons to make counterfeit coins
  • Collect x Thief Cloaks

Mission 9

  • Gather x Logs
  • Collect x Honey for massage
  • Craft x Ice creams, to reward Tom for all his efforts


  1. oh no! rat tails!!! Those are so hard to get!

  2. This is the Gloomwatch quest...the reward is wrong, they have now released both of the fountains for crowns in the is 180 and the other 360.

    1. This one is a coming soon. Things can change and it looks that the fountain is not the reward.