Thursday, April 5, 2012

Castleville: FAQ: My Martha Spirit Bar Is Missing and Now?

FAQ: Where Did My Martha Spirit Bar Go?

The 3rd and final Martha Spirit Bar

Some of players are wondering why their Spirit Bar from the Martha Stewart quests has gone missing. There are two reasons for this to happen:
  1. You have completed the 12th quest, and unlocked the final Party, the Spring Feast, by earning 50 Spirit points. Then the bar disappears, because will no longer need to progress the Spirit Bar. You can craft the Spring Feast until the Martha quests expire. Once you complete the 12th quest and earned all of the sweet rewards.
  2. If you have not unlocked the Spring Feast and you need to make progress on the Bar for the quest, please see the Official Bug Reporting thread here: and 

ASK Zynga Support to "FIX IT" (CLICK HERE)

Before contacting zynga, check if you have all the rewards (Pergola, Rabbit-Hatch and Greenhouse). If you do, you don't need to contact zynga:


See more details of these rewards:  Castleville Spirit Spring Bar Rewards (CLICK HERE)

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