Friday, December 16, 2011

Castleville: Rafael Quest-Adventure Club (1-10)

Adventure Club (1-10) 
Available at Level 26 and completed his "Love in the Time of Gloom"

Reward for completing this quest: Golden Oak

1. Adventure Club Enrollment
You seek adventure? Join my Adventure Club! Even though we fight Gloom, we can still have fun!
  • Pay the one time 25000 non-refundable enrollment fee. (With your membership fee, you will receive 1 special button!)
  • Mail in 5 Proof-Of-Banishings. Thief Cloaks Only. (Banish Gloom Thieves to find Thief Cloaks. Buy Gloom Thief Potions in the Market for Reputations)
  • Reward: 5250 coins, 105 xp, 1 button

2. Hunter meet Hunted
With the paperwork out of the way, it is time for action! Hunting Beasties – aventure in its purest form. Enjoy, for soon we will go against Senor Shadow himself!
  • Craft 1 Gloom Goblin Potion (Craft-> Workshop)

  • Have 10 Gloom Goblin Ears… then wash hands (Goblins come from Mining)
  • Clobber 1 Beastie in 5 different Neighbors’ Kingdoms (Visit 5 different Neighbors and Clobber 1 Beastie in each of their Kingdoms OR visit Duke and refresh 4 times)
  • Reward: 3250 coins, 65 xp

3. Fire Eater
An adventurer must demonstrate the power of mind over matter… fire eating! Please, help me prepare!
  • Harvest 20 Chili Peppers. (Click on Farm Plots and buy the number of Chili Pepper crops you need)
  • Have 2 Spicy Sausage (Craft-> Kitchen, and own a Butcher)

    • Have 20 Milk Bottles… in case it gets too much (Get Milk Bottles from feeding Adult Cows)
    • Reward: 5250 coins, 105 xp

    4. Interruptive Dance
    Hunting. Fire Eating. What could be next? Now is the time that we dance my friend. Will you test your dancing shoes?
    • Have 5 Regal Hoes to stand in as dancing partners (Ask Friends for Regal Hoes)
    • Buy 3 Brick or Cobblestone Courtyard for a dance floor (Courtyard can be purchased in the Deco section of the Market, under the Market tab)
    • Have 1 Practice Dummy to stand in for a beautiful princess for Rafael (Craft Practice Dummies in the Studio, or buy Practice Dummies at the Market for 25,000 coin)
    • Reward: 5250 coins, 105 xp
    Practice Dummies are Royal Decor, so if you are at your limit for RD, you may have to sell  something to complete this requirement.

    5. Going Tribal
    As Club members, we must blend in with other customs and cultures to woo adventure… and love!
    • Clear 1 Tree Stump in 5 different Neighbors’ Kingdoms to use as drums (Visit 5 different Neighbors and clear 1 tree stump in each of their Kingdoms)
    • Have 3 Leathers for the drums (This item can be crafted after you build a Studio. Buy Crafting buildings in the Market)

    • Have 5 Feathers for Tribal Costumes (Feed Adult Peacocks to gather Feathers)
    • Reward: 3250 coins, 65 xp

    6. Mountain Climber
    More adventure? I climbed a mountain with two ewes. You must try it. Eh, maybe without the ewes. They smell.
    • Buy 10 Rocks, should be enough to make a mountain (market->  Nature)
    • Have 6 Ropes to climb your rock mountain (Craft-> Workshop. You will need 4 Flax for each rope)
    • Have 6 Coats of Arms to place on top of your mountain (Ask Friends for Coats of Arms)
    • Reward: 3250 coins, 65 xp

    7. Fire Sale
    Adventurers fight Gloom not just for glory. Sometimes it’s to save minks from burning buildings. It is true.
    • Have 2 Manors, you can call it Mink manor if you like. (market-> Buildings Click here to check requirements (last house of the table)
    • Fire Drill: Move 3 Minks out of harms way (Click Design Mode to move Objects around)
    • Sell 6 Mink Oil, that stuff is flamable my friend (Feed Adult Minks to get Mink Oil, then sell them from your Inventory)
    • Reward: 3250 coins, 65 xp

    8. Polar Bear in Sheeps Clothing
    When adventure calls, we must go wherever it sends us. Into the fire, eh, with minks, or into a cold shower. Yes, I have had a few.
    • Buy 8 Rivers to make an icy river (market-> Nature)
    • Buy 5 Sheep to act as stand-ins for polar bears (market-> Farm-> Animals)
    • Help out 1 time in 10 different Neighbors’ Kingdoms (Visit 10 different Neighbors and do activities 1 time in each of their Kingdoms)
    • Reward: 3250 coins, 65 xp

    9. Building a Better Beastie
    Adventurers must face things that go bump in the night. But we’re fresh out, so we must improvise.
    • Buy 5 Dead Trees to use as frames for our Beastie (market-> Nature)
    • Have 15 Gloom Wolf Hair to put on the frame (Banish Gloom Wolves to collect Gloom Wolf Hair)
    • Have 10 Fairy Wings. We can make them look scary later (Ask Friends for Fairy Wings)
    • Reward: 3250 coins, 65 xp

    10. Balloon Ride to Adventure
    Adventure has prepared us. We’re ready to find Senor Shadow. Navigate the world to find him. Don’t use a kangaroo. Once is enough.
    • Have 10 Cow Hides to make an Adventure Balloon (Get Cow Hides by feeding Adult Cows)
    • Have 30 Ogre’s Belches to fill the Balloon (Gather Ogre’s Belch from clearing grasses or wildflowers)
    • Have 15 Piles of Sand for ballast for the Adventure Balloon (Fish in ponds to get Piles of Sand as well as other items)
    • Reward: 4750 coins, 95 xp, 1 Golden Oak Tree


    1. how come you put a quest in level 26 in which you need a building that cannot be built until level 32? (the butcher)

    2. Ask Zynga LOL It is not a mistake. I did it this quest in the level 26 and I bought the butcher with crowns.

    3. Help - I have to purchase 5 sheep, but it won't let me because I already have too many. How do I sell some??

      1. Probably you have to "get rid off" sheep in your place. Why don't you try to storage some of the animals instead of selling?
        Click on the green design arrow button at the bottom right of the screen to enter Design Mode. Then STORAGE button/tab. Click on the animal to store. At the same place you have COINS button/tab for selling when you click on the animal.
        How to store: