Saturday, December 17, 2011

Castleville Crafting Energy Items: Which one to choose?

Did you ever wonder what energy it is the best one to craft?

The Kitchen building has several option to craft ENERGY ITEMS. Below there is a list, so you can should which is the best for you at some point.

Lower Levels:
Grape Juice - consume for 3 energy
Hard Boiled Eggs - consume for 3 energy
Tomato Bisque Soup - consume for 5 energy
Around Level 19:
Kettle Corn - consume for 3 energy
Cornbread Muffin - consume for 4 energy
Fried Fish - consume for 5 energy
Chicken and Corn Chili - consume for 5 energy

Higher Levels and you own a Bakery:
Carrot Cake - consume for 10 energy
Chocolate Covered Strawberries - consume for 6 energy

Higher Levels and you own a Butcher:
(I will update as soon as I have screen shoots with the unlocked items)

Chicken Pot Pie - consume for 4 energy
Corn Dog - consume for 6 energy
Meat Sandwich - consume for 7 energy

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