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Castleville: George's Quest-A Pet for George

George Quest - A Pet for George (1-6)

Available for level 14 or Above
This quest line was just released and it's the 3rd from George. There are some nice rewards when you complete some of the missions, as 2 Hyper-crafts and 3 Energy Potion. You also get a Skippy, George Pet's.

There is a gallery of photos at the end, if you like to see quests pictures. Still updating.

1. Miner Problem
"Yvette is going to be going into the Viking Mine with me. Lets get her prepared."
  • Collect 8 Regal Hoes (Ask friends for Regal Hoes) 
  • Harvest 20 Cocoa (If you are at your inventory limit sell some!)
  • Collect from Viking Mine (click on the Viking Mine when it is ready to collect)
  • Rewards: 500 coins, 10xp, 2 Hyper-crafts

2. Pig Out
"Yvette said she's going to get me a pet pig. I can't wait to go mining with it."
  • Feed the Pig in your kingdom 10 times to make sure he can handle life in the Viking Mine (The Pig Yvette gave you is in your inventory. Click on it when it's hungry to feed it)
  • Make 4 plates of Spaghetti for George and his friend to eat for lunch (Craft => Kitchen. You need to own a Mill. Requires 10 Wheat, 3 Flax seed oil, 7 Tomatoes. Crafting time: 2 hrs)
  • Collect from the Viking Mine to see how George and his new friend are doing (click on the Viking Mine when it is ready to collect)
  • Rewards: 500 coins, 10xp

3. Rock Show
"Help Yvette and George find the perfect pet rock"
  • Have 40 Stone to sort through to find the perfect pet rock for George (Mine rocks or tend a Mining Camp to collect stone)
  • Craft 5 Bottles of Ink so Yvette can draw a face on a rock (Craft => Studio. Requires 3 Berries, 3 Pails of Water. Crafting time 10 min.)
  • Smell 20 flowers with George in your kingdom to help distracting him (Click on flowers. George really loves flowers)
  • Rewards: 500 coins, 10xp, 1 Skippy 

4. Proper Care
"Help George learn how to take care of Skippy."
  • Help George take Skippy on walk by visiting 10 kingdoms (Click on the neighbor bar)
  • Collect 25 Pails of Water to help George bathe Skippy (Collect Pails of Water by Fishing)
  • Clean up 2 of Skippy "Accidents" (When you feed Skippy, sometimes he has an accident)
  • Rewards: 500 coins, 10xp

5. What Also Floats
"Gather up supplies to help save poor Skippy from a watery fate."
  • Have 8 Rope (Craft => Workshop.Requires 5 Flax. Crafting time: 5 min.)
  • Craft 4 Leather to make a harness to help you pull Skippy out of the Pond (Craft => Studio. Requires: 1 Cow Skin, 3 Flax Seed Oil. Crafting Time: 2 hrs)
  • Click on a Pond 10 times to go swimming and find Skippy! (Click in your Pond and see if you can retrieve Skippy)
  • Rewards: 500 coins, 10xp

6. Good Night Skippy
"What a day. I think I am about as tired as Skippy is. Can you help me make him a bed so we can both lay down for a good nap?"
  • Harvest 30 Wheat to make a comfy bed for Skippy
  • Have 20 Milk Bottles so Skippy can have something to drink before he goes to bed (Collect Milk from Adult Cows)
  • Have 8 Pieces of Sheet Music so Yvette can sing Skippy a lullaby (Ask friends for Piece of Sheet Music)
  • Rewards: 500 coins, 10xp, 1 Energy Potion (+3 Energy)


You will find Skippy in your inventory under the Nature tab. After all Skippy is not more than a special stone.

Gallery of Photos:

Source for photos: Betsy and Zynga Forum

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