Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Castleville: Poll Results - January 16, 2012

Our Facebook Page Poll "Which links would you like next:" is closed and below are the results:

1. Energy 101 votes
2. Golden Brick   93 votes
3. Alchemist Powder   38 votes
4. Explorations Crystals   35 votes
Others   39 votes
Total  306 votes

Castleville Quests Help Page had a total of 306 votes, only in around 2 days. Thanks everyone for participating. Two options were given and more options could have been added by you:
Given options: Energy and Golden Brick
Other options added: Alchemist Powder, Iron Brick, Crystals, Exploration Crystals, XP, Knifes.

Energy links were posted as soon as this poll pointed out as the biggest preference.
Prepare yourself for the Golden Bricks and later for the Alchemist Powder (if it is still possible, then - don't get scared.... probably it is possible).

Sorry about Exploration Crystals - there are no links for these. For shard crystals yes, but Exploration Crystals, you always have to craft them in the workshop.

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