Friday, January 27, 2012

Castleville: How can I move George?

Hey George!!! Go your way and move your fat butt from here!!!
 Zynga solved it. Now George moves around his mine.

"My George is flattening Yvette against one of the guard towers. Which wouldn't be too bad if he was smooching her, but 'No' he has his big fat ugly butt right in her face........... poor girl " (Zynga's Forum)

What this big fat George can do... Well we were feeding him with big pieces of meat. Please!!! Don't feed him... He is already BIG lol

Sorry!!! No one come up with a way of moving him. Lots of trying with the Viking Mine, but George doesn't move or it moves and it returns. Only Zynga can solve this. 

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