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Castleville: Character Biography for Sylphie: The Flighty Fairy

Character Biography for Sylphie: The Flighty Fairy


Sylphie (or Syl to her friends) is a flighty forest Fairy with a love for adventure…

Meet Sylpie!
Back in olden times, the Fairy Queen and the rulers of the realm formed an alliance to fight the first instances of Gloom. The Fairy folk, so vulnerable to Beastie attacks, took refuge in the remaining Kingdoms and used their magic to grow Gloom-dispelling Exploration Crystals.

When the Gloom receded, the Fairies returned to their nests in the forest. As a gesture of goodwill, they did leave one Fairy behind in each Kingdom to serve as an ambassador. The practice continues to this day. As a new ruler, you’ve just been appointed your own ambassador – Sylphie!

She’s fluttering her way to your Kingdom now, ready to help your fight against the Gloom. Just don’t underestimate her because of her size! Sylphie may be small in stature (even by pixie standards), but she’s ready for big adventures. At last, she’s leaving the nest for a life of excitement, fun, and danger!

…DANGER? Bring it on. When it comes to Sylphie, all that flitters is bold!

Likes Dislikes
  • New places and experiences
  • Music and dancing
  • Flying here and there and there and there…
  • Toadstools. They make great launch pads!

  • Sitting still. There’s so much to do!
  • Human food. YUCK!
  • Jokes about her size

Source: Zynga Official Blog

A Fairy Tale (1-10)

Available for level 19 or above
Requires completion of 
The Duke Dungeon Quest
  1. Clap If You Believe
  2.       Great for Spooning
  3.       Pixie Mix
  4.       Winging It
  5.       Mighty Wings
  6.       Flower Child
  7.       Do Not Want
  8.       Flight for Your Right
  9.       Pint Sized Feast
  10.       Project Mischief

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