Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Castleville: Free Items 10 and 3 Energy Patched!!!! Gone!!!

Some of you started with problems to get the energy links some hours ago. I have bad news. Today (17 January 2012)  is the day that Zynga patched the 10 Energy and 3 Energy links. We have left 1 Energy Link.

This is what happens now when you click a 10 Energy Link:


blank screen

These energies were  removed from the feed.  At least we still have 1 Energy link!!!
Goodbye Mr. 10 energy Link!! Goodbye  Mr. 3 Energy Link

And what will be next? It doesn't make sense to remove the gold brick, iron pick, alchemist powder, iron ore, and many others more...  So, we still have other reward links.

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