Friday, December 9, 2011

Castleville Duke Quests: Getting Schooled

Getting Schooled

  1. Rattus Glomerus
    - Tax 5 houses to see if a gloom rat has taken up residence in one.
    - Harvest 10 crops to see if you can find a gloom rat (Tend to crops when harvest is ready)
    - Banish 1 gloom rat to learn about them (Kill off 1 gloom rat found on either the houses or crops
    Rewards:  500 Coins and 10 Experience Points
  2. Cry Wolf
    - Feed 10 animals in your kingdom to see if you can find a gloom wolf (Do some ranching, tend to hungry animals to draw out a wolf)
    - Clear 5 grasses in your kingdom to see if there is a wolf hiding in them
    - Chop a tree 5 times in your kingdom to draw a gloom wolf out
    Rewards:  500 Coins and 10 Experience Points
  3. Decoration Distraction
    - Buy 3 flower pots and place them in your kingdom as distraction (market-> decorations)
    - Purchase 1 keep off sign to try and keep the beasties at bay (market-> decorations)
    - Tax 10 buildings to see if the dukes plan is working (Collect taxes in your houses)
    Rewards:  1000 Coins and 20 Experience Points
  4. Stockpile
    - Craft 3 wood planks in case you need to make repairs (Needs 6 wood logs for 1 wood plank, craft at the workshop or simply request from friends)
    - Gather 10 wood to fill up your stockpile (Chop down trees)
    - Gather 10 stone so you have it when you need it (Mine for stones)
    Rewards: 1000 coins, 20 Experience Points and 3 stone walls
  5. Home Improvements
    - Build 1 chateau so you can gather more taxes (If you cannot build any more houses, sell off the cheapest one and build a chateau)
    - Tax a chateau 3 times to watch the coins come rolling in (collect from chateau's)
    - All this hard work makes a duke hungry! collect 3 mystery meat so you can have lunch (Ask help by posting at Facebook feeds)
    Rewards:  1000 Coins and 20 Experience Points

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