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Alastair Quests: The Gloom Lord

Alastair: The Gloom Lord

Now that you buit the Great Wall, other events come up!!!

1. Staring down Evil
Now you can put a name and a face with all the Beastie presence and Gloom. With your help, we can put an end to Faugrimm!
  • 2 Banish the 2 Thieves (Click on Thieves to Banish them).
  • 2 Banish Faugrimm's 2 Goblins (Click on Goblins to Banish them)
  • Have 10 Moat tiles to protect your Castle from more of Faugrimm's friends (market-> Nature-> Water)
  • Rewards: 2000 Coins, 40 XP

2. Book of Sinister Schemes
  • Have 40 Chili Peppers, this has be hot to melt his spell (Click an Empty Farm Plot to plant Chili Peppers).
  • Have 15 Eyes of Newt (Ask Friends for Eyes of Newt).
  • Explore to the Ancient Ritual Site to the East, I need to go there to do my spell (The Ritual Site just to the East of where Alastair was first found. Exploring requires Expansion Crystals, which can be crafted at the Workshop)
  • Gloomed Area exploration: Requires (probably) 900 Castle Level, 16 Crystals, 118000 Coins
  • Chili Peppers require Level 18 to plant.
  • Rewards: 2000 Coins, 40 XP

3. Save Alastair (Part 1)
  • Craft 1 Spear of Humility to smash the Totem of Pride (Craft in the Workshop - see below. An Angil takes 5 stone blocks, 5 alchemist power, 9 hrs)
  • Have 15 Royal Jewels to smash into the Spear tip (Ask Friends)
  • Break the Totem of Pride try to free Alastair (Craft the Spear of Humility and have all the required Jewels, then click the Totem of Pride that is holding Alastair)
  • Rewards: 3250 Coins, 65 XP

4. Save Alastair (Part 2)
  • Craft 1 Dagger of Strength to smash the Totem of Pride (Craft in the Workshop. See below. A Knife takes 1 iron bar, 4 wood logs, 9 hrs. A Hammer takes 2 wood logs, 2 stone blocks, 3 reputations, 2 hrs).
  • Have 10 Whetstones to sharpen the Dagger of Strength as much as possible (Ask Friends)
  • Use the Dagger of Strength to crack the Totem of Pride (Craft the Dagger of Strength and have all the required Whetstones, then click the Totem of Pride that is holding Alastair)
  • Rewards: 4250 Coins, 85 XP
5. Save Alastair (Part 3)
  • Craft 1 Bundle of Love Arrows to pierce the Totem of Hate. (Craft at the Studio. Attention that you need 40 Peacock Red Feathers)
  • Have 12 Love Letters to warp around the arrows. (Ask friends for Love Letters)
  • Use the Love Arrows to pierce the Totem of Hate and free Alastair!
  • Rewards: 4250 Coins, 85 XP

6. Banish Faugrimm
You are the only one that can Banish Faugrimm. Do it now!

  • Rewards: 2000 Coins, 40 XP

After saving Alastair, all the action rolls up like a movie.
Below are some screen shoots, ending with a promise from Faugrimm that he will be back!

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