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Castleville Quests: Yvette - Lovelorn (1-14)

Lovelorn (1-14)

1. Flies To Honey
"Do you know how to find a prince? I’ve heard that kissing frogs can work. Let’s get it over with."
  • Clear 7 grass to help Yvette  find a frog to kiss (Click Grass to Clear it)
  • Fish 10 times in a neighbor’s kindgom to try and catch a frog (Click on the a Pond to fish from it)
  • Collect 15 honey to help make the kiss less gross (Clear Flowers to find Honey)
2. Beauty Rest
"One prince wants to wake his love with a kiss. Let’s give it a go! I’ll just need a sleeping aid."
  • Have 1 Cotton Cloth for Yvette’s bed sheets (Craft-> Studio)
  • Have 1 Wood Club, to knock Yvette out. This is gonna hurt! (Craft-> Workshop)
  • Have 2 Love Letters so Yvette can send them to a prince (Ask Friends for Love Letters)
3. Siren Song
"My mother was a siren. Maybe I can disguise myself as a mermaid and enchant a prince with song."
  • Collect 15 Bass for a mermaid costume. No fish were harmed in the making of this costume (Find by Fishing)
  • Collect2 Shells to make a bikini top. I hear they are all the rage this season (Find by Fishing)
  • Have 4 Royal Jewels for Yvette’s mermaid costume (Ask Friends for Royal Jewels)
4. Hairy Tale
"Who wouldn’t rescue a damsel in distress? I’ll lock myself in a tower. And I’ll get hair extensions."
  • Own a second Maiden’s Tower for Yvette to hang her hair out of (Click on the Market to buy a Maiden’s Tower)
  • Have 7 Gloom Wolf Hair so Yvette can have REALLY long hair (Find by Banishing Wolves or use the gloom potion, after buy it on the market)
  • Have 2 Dye Kits so Yvette’s roots aren’t showing (Craft-> Studio)
5. Spinning Wheels
"Some creepy little man will teach me to spin straw into gold if I can guess his name. Can you Help?"
  • Collect from 1 House in 3 Unique neighbor’s kingdoms to discover the man’s name (Visit neighbor’s and look for the coin indicator above houses)
  • Have a Tailor so Yvette has somewhere to work (Buy a Tailor in the Market)
  • Have 20 Wheat Bundles to spin into gold (Place Farm Plots to grow Crops)
6. The Fairest One
A magic mirror suggested I could meet a prince if I moved in with some short miners.
  • Construct 1 Mining Camp (Buy in the Resources tab of the Buildings section of the Market)
  • Collect from a Mining Camp 3 Times (Click on the Mining Camp to harvest it)
  • Have 1 Iron Pick so the short miners can work (Craft-> Workshop. Requires ownership of a Blacksmith)
7. If The Shoe Fits
"A nearby kingdom is throwing a ball! What say I show up and “accidentally” leave behind a slipper?"
  • Have 2 Cotton Cloth for a Gown. Yvette needs a new dress anyway (Craft-> Studio)
  • Collect 8 Sand to make a glass slipper for Yvette’s slipper scheme (Go Fishing to find sand)
  • Visit 1 Friend’s Kingdom to take Yvette to the ball (Click on the Neighbor Bar to Visit)
8. Hoodwinked

"I’m running some goodies into the forest to attract Gloom Wolves – and a brave prince. So don’t interfere!"
  • Banish Gloom Thieves to get 1 Thief Cloak to venture into the woods with (Banish Gloom Thieves to find Thief Cloaks)
  • Have 25 Tomatoes to color the cloak red and guard against skunks (Place Farm Plots to grow Crops)
  • Have 5 Mystery Meat so Yvette has something to take to Grannie (Ask Friends for Mystery Meat)
9. The Savage Beast
"If I can’t lure a prince, I’ll turn a beast into one. The Gloom Lord turns people into beasts right?"
  • Clobber Gloom Wolves 10 times to find one suitable to change into a Prince (Click Beasties to Clobber them. Use a Gloom Wolf Potion to draw some out)
  • Have 3 Rope to tie the Gloom Wolf up so Yvette can find her prince. Kinky!  (Craft-> Workshop)
  • Have 1 Cotton Leggings so the beast has pants to wear  (Craft-> Studio)
10. Career Woman
That’s it! I’ve tried everything. Time to pursue a love of a different kind – singing!
I’ll need new clothes for my tour.
  • Have 1 Wool Tunic so Yvette has new clothes while she’s on the road (Craft-> Studio)
  • Have 1 Cotton Leggings for Yvette to wear during her tour (Craft-> Studio)
  • Tour 5 Unique neighbors’ Kingdoms to help promote Yvette (Click on the Neighbor Bar to Visit)
11. Color Girl
"I haven’t found a man, but people love my singing. I want to really put on a show for my next act."
  • Buy 5 Peacocks for Yvette’s new show. It sounds exotic! (market-> Animal)
  • Have 2 Dye Kits so Yvette can make everything colorful (Craft-> Studio)
  • Have 8 Fairy Wings to really add some flair to her outfits (Ask Friends for Fairy Wings)
12. Wild Thing
"I’ve got another act coming up and I want a look that’s a bit more dangerous."
  • Have 5 Leather for Yvette’s hot new show (Craft-> Studio)
  • Have 1 Iron Bar so Yvette can make a collar for her show (Craft-> Workshop)
  • Tour 7 Friends’ Kingdoms to prepare everyone for Yvette’s show (Click on the Neighbor Bar to Visit)
13. Shining Star
"The Duchess of the Valley wants to hear me sing. But what do I wear to impress a duchess?"
  • Collect 3 Rubies for Yvette’s new dress (Mine Rocks or Harvest Mining Camps to find Rubies)
  • Collect 5 Silver Ore to make Yvette’s dress glamorous (Mine rocks or harvest a Mining Camp)
14. Fan Mail
"I have fans. Me! This is so much better than a prince. Now to reply to all this fan mail…"
  • Have 10 Parchment so Yvette can reply to her fan mail (Craft-> Studio)
  • Have 10 Ink, this is gonna take a while…  (Craft-> Studio)
  • Buy a lantern so Yvette can work through the night  (market-> Decor)

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