Friday, December 30, 2011

CastleBerry Punch (1-5)

Available for level 8 or more.
This quest was just released (30-Dec.-2011) and there is a
limit of 13 days to complete it.
The reward for completing these quests is a Castleberry Keg (see image at the end of the quest).

"Celebrate the New Year with Castleberry Punch!"

1. Castleberry Punch
“What is Castleberry Punch? Why, it’s the most delicious drink in the land! It just requires a bit of… preparation.”
  • Have 20 Wood Logs to fuel the fire (Chop trees or tend a Lumber Camp to gather Wood Logs)
  • Have 2 Copper Tubes to construct the brewing apparatus (Ask Friends for Copper Tubes)
  • Collect 20 Stones to build a sturdy base (Mine rocks to gather Stone and hover over the stone to collect it. NOTE: If you have 99 stones in your inventory, you need to sell 20 of them, because the requirement will only count the new stone you collect to the inventory)
  • Rewards: 1000 coins, 20 XP, 1 Super Chop

2. Secret Recipe
“There are many recipes for Castleberry Punch. This one is my favorite – it has a bit of everything!”
  • Craft 1 Punch Prep Table so we can prepare the punch
Ask Friends for 5 Punch Jugs. Crafting time is 1 hour
  • Collect 8 Pails of Water to mix the punch (Go fishing for a chance to collect Pails of Water. Collecting Pail of Water in Neighbor’s Kingdom won’t count!)
  • Have 1 Kitchen for your Kingdom (Buy from the Crafting tab of the Buildings section of the Market)
  • Rewards: 1000 coins, 20 XP

3. Getting Punchy
“We’ve got a good start on our Castleberry Punch, but now we need ingredients to make it even punchier!”
  • Collect 20 Berries to add a kick to the punch (Click on Grass, Bushes, Mushrooms or Roots to gather Berries. Even f you have max berries in your inventory, you need to sell at least 20 of them and it only counts the berry collected from the fields)
  • Gather 6 Yummhee Yeasts so we can begin brewing. (Ask your Friends for Yummhe Yeast)
  • Have 20 Honeys to sweeten the concoction (Tend flowers to gather Honey)
  • Rewards: 1000 coins, 20 XP

4. Brew Love
“Mmm, I can almost taste that Castleberry Punch now. Let’s get brewing!”
  • Craft 4 yummy Castleberry Punch
  • Help Neighbors with their New Year’s resolutions. Earn 50 Reputation (Buy in the market useful consumable items, with reputation hearts)
  • Decorate for the New Year’s celebration! Buy 3 Sparklers (Buy Sparklers in the Market)
  • Rewards: 750 coins, 15 XP

5. A Spirited New Year
“Let’s celebrate this New Year right – with a glass of Castleberry Punch!”
  • Change your clothes to celebrate the New Year! (Look for the avatar customization button just above the Market button)
  • Craft one Keg to hold your punch (Craft Keg at the Workshop. Materials: 2 Iron Bars, 3 Wood Planks,  3 Alchemist Powders. Crafting time: 22 hours)
  • Visit the Duke’s Kingdom to celebrate with a glass of Castleberry Punch! (Click on the Duke’s portrait to visit his Kingdom)
  • Rewards: 1000 coins, 20 XP, Castleberry Keg


  1. If we didn't complete the quest in time, will it eventually be taken off the quest list on the side of my screen?

  2. Timed quests will end and go out of the screen!