Sunday, December 18, 2011

CastleVille Tips: Tend or Not in Neighbors Kingdoms

What to TEND when visiting Neighbors?

Tend, ...                            or...         Not Tend
That is the question!!!!

When visiting neighbors the most important is helping them. So, keep an eye out for the signs that say "tend here" and "Don't tend here".  If you do pay attention, they will notice you more and hopefully do the same for you. 

When familiar with the items that takes more time, you can tend those buildings and speeding the crafting process by HOURS.

Apply to be a staff member in the Royal building, when needed. Royal buildings are the highest reward in a neighbor kingdom. As more often tended these buildings get  higher levels and higher rewards for everyone. 

Sometimes you are visiting neighbors as a requirement from quests. Then, you need to look for what you need to tend (an animal, specific crops, etc..)

When you have doubts what to tend, your neighbor will be always happy if you tend their animals, and you should give priority for the animals that take longer time to grow, as baby peacocks and baby geese. Also, cow and chicken is always nice, for energy crafting.

Please don't mine rocks, You can get a Mining Camp early on that lets you produce stones, plus you can ask neighbors for stone blocks, which should take care of all your stone needs. Once you destroy a rock, that rock costs 1000 coins to replace. So please do your mining on your own (or on neighbors not playing).

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