Thursday, December 1, 2011

How do buildings work?

Constructing buildings is a critical function in Castleville.  Completing buildings will expand crafting recipes, increase total nobility score and generate resources.

1. Construct new buildings through the marketplace.

2. There are 4 different building types available:
  • Royal: Increase nobility (required for expansions, and generate additional tax revenue and nobility as crew members tend buildings)
  • Crafting: Use materials to craft useful items.
  • Resource: Produce resource goods (wood, stone, ore).
  • House: Generate taxes, reward coins.
3. Concentrate on building Royal buildings first.

4. Build the 3 primary Crafting buildings:
  • Workshop: Use building materials and tools to forge items.
  • Kitchen: Cook consumable items with cooking recipes.
  • Studio: Craft decoration pieces and work orders.

5. Craft support buildings to unlock new recipes for primary crafting buildings and collect additional materials.
  • Explore the market place to unlock these buildings. Take note of level requirements or unlock with crowns.

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