Monday, December 12, 2011

Castleville: How to get a Blue Feather

Zinga decided to take out the requirement of Blue Feathers from the Dye Kit.
You can get a Blue Feather  by the following ways:
  1. By Feeding Adult Peacock (in your kingdom or neighbors kingdom)
  2. Using the Super-Chop.
  3. You can also solve your first problem, buying the dye kit with CROWNS.
Blue feather is a rare material item. It was used to craft dye kit in the Studio, and you also needed to own the tailor building. There are more quests that need this item in the crafting process, as the flag, large banner, etc...
In the Studio, when crafting the Dye Kit, you get the hint that you will find a blue feather feeding Adult Peacock.
1. Adult Peacock
First suggestion goes to GET PEACOCKS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (or even use 1 crown to unlock it) and buy at least 5 of them, to increase your changes to get blue feathers.
There is also a second way to get blue feathers, that it is described below. Be aware that both are not easy and they will really test your patience and luck.
2. Super Chop
OR ...
You can buy the super chop by 20 reputation points, from the market in the consumables tab.

3. Castleville Cash
If I still don't get a blue feather for Dye Kit?
You will need 1 Dye Kit for building the Taylor. For this Dye Kit, you need 3 blue feathers. Taylor building is needed because it produces cotton cloths and you need 5 of them to build the Throne Royal Building and increase your castle points. 
So, why not spending 4 crowns from those that you get for leveling up and getting your dye kit? Meanwhile, buy several Peacocks (at least 5) to get blue feathers.
Quests where you need dye kits:
  • Yvette Hairy Tale Quest (Lovelorn Quest 4 of 14) - Have 3 Dye Kits so Yvette's roots aren't showing
  • Yvette Color Girl Quest (Lovelorn Quest 11 of 14) - Have 2 Dye Kits so Yvette can make everything colorful
  • Izadora Scandalous Quest (Party Girl: Quest 9 of 10) - Craft 1 Dye Kit to recolor Izzy's hair
  • Izadora Model Citizen Quest (The Diva: Quest 5 of 11) - Have 2 Dye Kits to make your tunic look fabulous

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