Thursday, December 1, 2011

Why does Yvette ask for buttons? How do get buttons?

Why does Yvette ask for buttons?

Yvette will ask for buttons once players have temporarily reached the end of her quest line. When this happens Yvette will have no additional quests or missions until other character quest progress is completed.

Where to get buttons? 
Buttons are crafted through the studio. The studio can be purchased at the marketplace under the buildings tab.

Yvette will ask for more items ... and others, also

CastleVille characters will occasionally have random needs. Fulfilling these needs will have an associated reward.

Your subjects ask you for an item (Button, Axe, Grape Juice, sausage, etc.) or are not "speaking" with you at all. This occurs whenever you complete their quest lines. These items can be obtained by crafting them in the various crafting buildings. Be aware that they can ask you items that you don't have the crafting building and only much further in the game you can craft them. That's the case of the "sausage" that Sonja wants, you need a Butcher that you only can buy around level 30.

How do I know when I'm nearing the end of a line of quests? 
At the top of every mission you'll see your progress number showing you how many more missions you have in that quest.

What does paying Crowns do, and do I need to use them to progress?

If you do not have a certain item in your inventory, you can save time and instead of crafting the items, you but them paying with Crowns.

What do I get for giving my subjects an item they're asking for?
Depending on the item requested, you will receive a coin reward of various amounts.

I paid Crowns but didn't get the item. What's wrong?

Paying Crowns automatically gives your subject that item, it does not purchase it. You should automatically receive your reward from the character this way.

I gave Yvette a button and now she isn't talking to me, why?

If you have finished a subject's quest line and given them an item, it may take some time to get more missions from them. Keep working on other quests and explore the Gloom surrounding your Kingdom, you'll have new missions in no time!

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