Friday, December 9, 2011

Sonja Quests: The Pirate Life

Pirate Life (1-5)

1. A Pirate's Life
If there’s one thing you have to know as a pirate, it’s how to ready a ship to sail.

  • Harvest 15 Cotton to make sail cloth (Click on Farm Plots to plant new crops, then harvest when they’re ready)
  • Have 3 Cotton Cloth to use as a sail (Craft-> Studio, if you also have a Tailor. Requires 3 Cotton Thread + 5 Reputation=> It Takes 2.5 hrs. Craft-> Cotton Thread. Requires 5 Cotton and it takes 5 min)
  • Let’s raise a mast! Have 15 Wood Logs (Gather Wood Logs by chopping trees or collecting from Logging Camps)
  • Rewards: 2500 Coins and 50 Experience Points
2. All Tied Up
It’s fun to raise masts, but to keep them up, it helps to be good at knot-tying.
  • Craft 4 Wood Planks. I’ve walked a few in my day! (Craft -> Workshop)
  • Have 5 Rope. It can get rough at sea (Craft -> Workshop)
  • Have 3 Knives for a boarding party (Craft -> Workshop, if you also have a Blacksmith)
  • Rewards: 2500 Coins and 50 Experience Points
3. Brine Dining
When you’re at sea, you’re lucky if you can even identify your food! Sometimes, I kind of miss that.
  • Craft 1 Bubbly Grog for a balanced pirate diet. (Craft -> Kitchen. Requires 5 pails of water + 5 Ogre's Belch. It takes 5 min.)
  • Have 2 Hard Boiled Eggs. (Craft -> Kitchen. Requires 10 Eggs gathered from adult Chickens and 5 water pails of water collected fishing at the pond. It takes 1.5 hours. These items can also be grabbed in the Feed).
  • Have 2 Mystery Meat. (Click the Post to Friends button to ask for Mystery Meat)
  • Rewards: 2500 Coins and 50 Experience Points
4. Bottoms Up!
Weak grog? We can make it better, stronger… frothier!
  • Let’s spice things up. Plant 10 Chili Peppers (Click on Farm Plots to plant and harvest crops)
  • Harvest 10 Chili Peppers to give our grog a bit of kick. (Click on Farm Plots to plant new crops, then harvest when they’re ready.)
  • Turn up the heat! Craft 1 Flaming Grog (Craft -> Kitchen).

  • Rewards: 2500 Coins and 50 Experience Points
5. That’s the Spirit!
This Flaming Grog is invigorating! I wonder what it will do to your crops?
  • Have 2 Flaming Grog. (Craft -> Kitchen)
  • Use 1 Flaming Grog. See if it unwithers your crops! (Use 1 Flaming Grog in your Inventory, then click on a withered crop.)
  • Rewards: 2000 Coins and 40 Experience Points


  1. What does it take to start up this quest? I'm level 24, have finished her other 2 quests & all others at this level, explored both her chest areas, Castle over 2100, etc. but still have sausage over her head. The only explorable gloomed plot left is the one with hedges in the shape of a "G" on the South side. Thanks for the help!

  2. Sorry for the delay! This blog is connected to a Facebook page and the questions are been answered there.

    It seems you are having a problem with the pop up of the quest. Except if you didn't do the quests of other subjects. All of them are connected some how. asking for the sausage, it means she is waiting for other subjects to catch up with her.

    Check the quests of other subjects, below level 25.

  3. Thanks for the response! I found out that it was supposed to be available at level 21, right after the fishing quest. Somehow it got disrupted & didn't start even after several of my neighbors had done it & the following quest. I finally had to get CS to start it up tonight & so far it's going well.

  4. Eileen, you can also join our Facebook Group, for any other questions. There it is always answered asap (max of some hours) It is here on the side but I will paste the link here: