Castleville: Royal Buildings Guide

Royal buildings will grant the player a certain castle level points. However, each of these also requires a number of crews to complete them. There are also Royal Building Levels, your building levels up as your crew tends the building. You earn prizes when the building levels up. And high level buildings provide the most Castle Levels. You can remind your crews to tend your royal building. It is important when you select your crews to make sure that they play a lot too, so that they can tend your royal buildings. Also you can see below decorations that gives you castle points.

Added in February: Witch Tower (Hazel Quest); Inn (Kathleen Quest); Released 3 new buildings in the market (CLICK HERE to read more).
Bazaar (Unreleased)
Zynga1Coins.png - Coins
Gold Brick.png Wood Plank
  Stone Block.png Stone Block  ? Crew Members
-Zynga1Coins.png - Coins- HoursXp 01.png Level 0
WITCH'S TOWERZynga1Coins.png 80,000 Coins
 WoodLogMaterial 01 Icon.png 15 Wood
Stone Block.png Stone Block
Wanted_icon 3 Wanted Poster

  7 Crew Members
225Zynga1Coins.png 1700 Coins32
Xp 01.png Level 13
Royal Inn
Zynga1Coins.png - Coins
Gold Brick.png Wood Plank
  Stone Block.png Stone Block
 Gold Brick.png 2 Gold Brick
Gold Brick.png 3 Empt Flask

 5 Crew Members
120Zynga1Coins.png 800 Coins12
Xp 01.png Level 1
Royal SPA
Zynga1Coins.png 85,000 Coins
  Stone Block.png Stone Block
 Gold Brick.png 10 Gold Brick
  Cotton Cloth 4 Cotton Cloth
Pail of Water 15 Pail of Water

  8 Crew Members
250Zynga1Coins.png 2150 Coins40
Xp 01.png Level 14
Royal Fountain
Royal Fountain
Zynga1Coins.png 35,000 Coins
  Stone Block.png Stone Block
 Gold Brick.png 5 Gold Brick
Pail of Water 10 Pail of WaterPail of Water 2 Iron Pick

  6 Crew Members
270Zynga1Coins.png 2300 Coins48
Xp 01.png Level 6
Guard Tower
Guard Tower
Zynga1Coins.png 3,000 Coins
WoodLogMaterial 01 Icon.png 15 Wood
  Stone Block.png Stone Block
Wanted_icon 3 Wanted Poster

  3 Crew Members
90Zynga1Coins.png 550 Coins8
Xp 01.png Level 7
Maiden's Tower.pngMaiden's TowerZynga1Coins.png 1,500 Coins
 WoodLogMaterial 01 Icon.png 10 Wood
StoneMaterial 01 Icon.png 15 Stone

3 Crew Members
80Zynga1Coins.png 550 Coins8
Xp 01.png Level 2
Barracks.pngBarracksZynga1Coins.png 4,500 Coins
WoodLogMaterial 01 Icon.png 15 Wood
StoneMaterial 01 Icon.png 20 Stone

4 Crew Members
110Zynga1Coins.png 750 Coins12
Xp 01.png Level 6

Zynga1Coins.png 15,000 Coins
  Stone Block.png Stone Block
 Gold Brick.png 4 Gold Brick
5 Wood Clubs

 5 Crew Members
150Zynga1Coins.png1,050 Coins18
Xp 01.png Level 9
Throne Room.png

Throne Room
Zynga1Coins.png 50,000 Coins
Stone Block.png 4 Stone Block
Gold Brick.png Gold Brick
5 Cotton Cloth

6 Crew Members
190Zynga1Coins.png 1,650 Coins18
Xp 01.png Level 12

Zynga1Coins.png 75,000 Coins
Stone Block.png Stone Block
Gold Brick.png Gold Brick
2 Candle

7 Crew Members
220Zynga1Coins.png 1,800 Coins36
Xp 01.png Level 15
Castle Dungeon.png

Castle Dungeon
Zynga1Coins.png 100,000 Coins
Stone Block.png Stone Block
Gold Brick.png 11 Gold Brick
3 Iron Bar

8 Crew Members
260Zynga1Coins.png 2,250 Coins48
Xp 01.png Level18
Wizard's Keep.png

Wizard's Keep
Zynga1Coins.png 150,000 Coins
Stone Block.png Stone Block
Gold Brick.png 13 Gold Brick
 10 Down Feather
2 Cog

9 Crew Members
300Zynga1Coins.png 3,000 Coins72
Xp 01.png Level 21
Zynga1Coins.png 190,000 Coins
Stone Block.png 10 Stone Block
Gold Brick.png 16 Gold Brick
Crafted Glass 10 Crafted Glass
Silver Ingot Silver Ingot

10 Crew Members
330Zynga1Coins.png 2,800 Coins60
Xp 01.png Level 22
Opera House.png

Opera House
Zynga1Coins.png 200,000 Coins
Stone Block.png 10 Stone Block Gold Brick.png 18 Gold Brick
 5 Candle

 10 Crew Members
340Zynga1Coins.png 3,150 Coins84
Xp 01.png Level 24
The Cathedral.png

The Cathedral
Zynga1Coins.png 300,000 Coins
Stone Block.png 12 Stone Block
 Gold Brick.png 21 Gold Brick
 1 Stained Glass
 10 Parchment

11 Crew Members
390Zynga1Coins.png 3,250 Coins96
Xp 01.png Level 27
Observatory.pngObservatoryZynga1Coins.png 500,000 Coins
Stone Block.png 15 Stone Block
 Gold Brick.png 22 Gold Brick
10 Rope
1 Angle Finder

 12 Crew Members
450Zynga1Coins.png 3,550 Coins120
Xp 01.png Level 30

Aside from Royal Buildings, there are a few decorations that you can place in your kingdom which also provide Castle Level points. These include various walls and towers. Although these are relatively inexpensive to purchase and don’t require a staff, they provide very little Castle Level relative to the space they take up and therefore are not an efficient way to grow your overall score. A list of decorations is presented after the Royal Buildings Table.

Decorations that gives you Castle Points (cp):
  • Armored Practice Dummy
3 cp, Costs 15 Crowns, available from the START level;
  • Small Banner
2 cp, costs 200 Coins, START level;
  • Weapon Rack:
2 cp, costs 1 Crown, available from level 5
  • Archery Target:
2 cp, 4 Crowns, lv 8
  • Royal Throne:
2 cp, 6 Crowns, lv 10
  • Practice Dummy: 
3 cp, 7 Crowns, lv 11
  • Armor Rack: 
3 cp, 10 Crowns, lv 14
  • Cannon
4 cp, 1 Crown, lv 16
  • Trellis: 
3 cp, 13 Crowns, lv 17
  • Sharp Guillotine:
3 cp, 20 Crowns, lv 24
  • Catapult
cp, 1 Crown, lv 25