Friday, December 9, 2011

Duke Dungeon Quests (lv 18)

Dungeon Quests
The Duke will give you this quest when you’re at level 18 and above, and as the quest title says, this quest involve heavily with building Castle Dungeon in the game.

1. Chain Restaurant
"I can’t wait for you to build your Dungeon. Hurry up so we can swap our favorite recipes!"
  • Buy 1 Dungeon… for cooking? (Buy in the Royal tab of the Buildings section of the Market)
  • Gather 100,000 Coins to buy a Castle Dungeon (Collect taxes from buildings and harvest crops to get more Coins)
  • Collect Taxes from 1 Royal building (Click on Royal Buildings to tax them)

Rewards: 3250 coins, 65 xp

2. Where Are The Snickerdoodles?
It’s so dark in here, I can’t find the snickerdoodles! Let’s craft some Candles to brighten up the Dungeon.
  • Have 11 Gold Bricks to build the Castle Dungeon (Craft Gold Bricks in the Workshop)
  • Craft 3 Candles. It gets dark in a Castle Dungeon (Once you have a Tailor you can craft Candles in the Studio)
  • Have 6 Coats of Arms for your Royal Buildings (Click the POST button to ask friends for Coats of Arms)
Rewards: 3250 coins, 65 xp

3. Chop Chop!
My Dungeon Master showed me a fine machine! He called it a Guillo-something. It cuts through anything!

  • Craft 4 Ropes so you can hang meat and herbs from the ceiling (Craft Rope in the Workshop)
  • Purchase 1 Guillotine so you can chop heads… of Cabbage (Buy a Guillotine from the Market)
  • Harvest 25 Cabbage to use in the Guillotine (Buy Cabbage from the Market)
Rewards: 3250 coins, 65 xp

4. Hollowed Be Thy Cheese
My Dungeon Master lent me his Iron Maiden. I finally have a way to make Swiss cheese! You should give it a try.
  • Have 1 crewed Castle Dungeon in your Kingdom (Click the Castle Dungeon after collecting all the parts to build the Castle Dungeon. Then recruit Friends)
  • Have 1 Iron Maiden in your Kingdom. It makes the world’s best Swiss cheese! (Buy in the Royal tab of the Decor section of the Market)
  • Have 7 Eyes of Newt to keep watch over your new Castle Dungeon! (Ask Friends for Eye of Newt)
Rewards: 3250 coins, 65 xp

5. Nice Rack
My new Rack is great for pulling taffy and kneading dough. You’re going to love this thing!
  • Buy the Rack… to stretch things (Rack: Market-> Decorations)
  • Collect taxes from your Castle Dungeon. You have to pay for ingredients somehow! (Click your Castle Dungeon to tax it)
  • Gather supplies for your new Castle Dungeon! Collect 8 times from crafting support buildings! (Collect from crafting buildings that produce supplies, like the Blacksmith, Mill, Tailor, or Fishery.)
Rewards: 3250 coins, 65 xp

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