Thursday, December 1, 2011

Castleville Crops Tips Guide

Planting and harvesting is good way to generate additional coin revenue and experience points during game play. Use the following helpful tips to optimize game play and use planting and harvesting to gain an advantage.

1. Buy Extra Farm Plots at the market under the Nature tab.

2. Speeding Growing Time (Use a Water Source)
Place farm plots next to ANY water source to speed up harvesting (water source examples: moats, wells, ponds) - See our tip How to Speed Crops until 50% (Click here) 

3. Crops Wither Time: 3.5 Times Grow Time
Crops wilt if cycle times have expired (wilt time is 3.5x grow time, example: Grapes are ready to harvest 5 minutes after being planted.  Grapes will wilt after an additional 17 minutes has passed.) Plant crops with high cycle times so they do not wilt, when you know you won't be playing.

4. Inventory limit: 50 for each crop

5. Higher Coin Reward Per Cost Ratio is given by the Crops with shorter time cycle
This means that if you want to earn more coins by each coin spent, the best would be the shortest time cycle crop - Grapes. Though this crop makes you spending too much energy and energy is vital in this game. Best choice is Flax crop that takes 30 minutes, good for coins and for energy.
Best crop for earning coins and XP
Ingredient for craft Flax Oil in the Kitchen,
which is so needed in many other recipes

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