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Isadora Quests The Diva 1-11 (level 23)

The Diva (1-11)
These quests are available when more than Level 23.

1.  Like A Virgo
I bet I could help you defeat his Gloominess. I just need to consult my horoscope first!
  • Craft 3 candles to light the way for Izzy (Craft-> Studio. Requires 3 Cotton Thread, 5 Beeswax and 5 Reputation each)
  • Crystal Ball? Buy one (market-> Crystal Ball, cost: 3200 coin)
  • Have 10 Dragon Scales to enhance psychic powers (Ask friends for Dragon Scales or grab them from your news feeds, You can get 5 Dragon Scales per day!)
  • Rewards: 3250 coins, 65 xp

2. Happy Medium 
Crystal Ball? TOTALLY useless! If he’s not busy training you, maybe Wizard Alastair could read my fortune!
  • Make a fresh bowl of Tomato Bisque. Old Al loves the stuff (Craft-> Kitchen. Requires: 20 tomatoes, 10 bottles milk, 3 butters)
  • Have 3 Parchment for Alastair to write down his thoughts (Craft Parchment in the studio. You will need 4 Wooden Logs and 6 Cotton for each)
  • Gather 5 Red Feathers for peacocks to make quill pens
  • Rewards: 4250 coins, 85 xp

3. Brush With Danger
Speaking of beauty, can you believe that folks in your Kingdom have never even SEEN beauty products? I could make a fortune!
  • Gather 15 beeswax to give Izzy a beehive hairdo (Tend flowers in your kingdom or your neighbors to gather beeswax)
  • Shiny hair is sexy hair, Acquire 15 Mink Oils (Get mink oil by tending minks ( at level 25)  You can also request it from friends)
  • Harvest 45 Oats for facial scrub (Place farming plots close to water sources for faster growth!)

4. Scents And Sensibility
Have you smelled some of you subjects? PERFUME, that’s all I’, saying”.
  • Have 15 Ogre Belches for Izzy’s exotic new fragrance (Tend mushrooms and clear grass for ogre belches)
  • Sweeten Izzy up by harvesting 10 Strawberries from neighbor’s Kingdoms (Post a status message in your FB to ask neighbors if they are growing Strawberries,  Strawberries take 36 hours to ripen)
  • Have 5 Glass for perfume bottles (Craft-> Studio. You will need 5 bags of sand and 2 wooden logs for each) 

5. Model Citizen
Forget beauty products! Maybe Alastair meant that I should be a MODEL. How hard could it be?
  • Wool is the new leather. Have one wool tunic (Craft-> Studio. You will need 5 Wool Cloth and 2 Dye Kits. They take 18 hrs to craft)
  • Have 2 Dye Kits to make your tunic look FABULOUS! (Craft-> Dye Kits in the Studio. You will need 10 Red Feather and 2 Alchemist Powder for each)
  • Rewards: 5250 coins, 105 xp

6. Good Fortune
Alastair must have read his soup bowl wrong. I should ask him for a NEW and IMPROVED fortune!
  • Alastair likes silver doodads. Craft 2 Silver Ingots for him (Craft only when you own a Studio. Market-> Crafting buildings)
  • Have 3 Parchment for Alastair (This item can be crafted after you build a Studio. You will need 4 Wooden Logs and 6 Cotton for each)
  • Mine 1 time each in 10 different Neighbors’ Kingdoms for Alastair’s rock garden. (Visit 10 Neighbors’ Kingdoms and Mine 1 rock. Careful! Some neighbors don't like that you do this.)
  • Rewards: 4250 coins, 85 xp

7. Low Note
Hmm… Alastair did say something about PERFORMING. I could be a SINGER! Yvette can give me lessons.
  • Gather 20 Honey to sweeten Isadora’s voice (Tend Flowers in your Kingdom or your neighbor’s to gather honey)
  • Have 1 Horseshoe to swap for singing lessons from Yvette (Craft-> Workshop. You will need 1 Iron Bar, 1 Hammer, and 12 hrs)
  • Have 10 Fairy WIngs to give to Yvette (Ask your friends or grab them from the feed. You can collect 5 Fairy Wings per day!
  • Rewards: 5250 coins, 105 xp

8. Drama Queen
Ok, maybe singing isn’t my calling. I’m sure I can act. Everyone always says I’m DRAMATIC!
  • Buy 6 Decoration objects as props for Izzy’s play (market-> Decor. Wildflowers are the cheapest at 50 Coin each and can be cleared later to make room!)
  • Harvest 60 crops in case Izzy doesn’t do so well (Place farm plots next to water sources for faster growth!  Plant grapes - cheapest and fastest crop and you can make Grape Juice for energy. You can also harvest crops from your neighbors.)
  • Harvest 1 Crop each in 6 Different neighbor Kingdoms (Ask which neighbors have crops ready to harvest!)
  • Rewards: 3250 coins, 65 xp

9. Graceful
Acting was a disaster, but maybe I can DANCE my way to fame and fortune!
  • Acquire 1 Carrot Cake to feed the audience while Izzy dances (Craft-> Kitchen. Requires: 2 Cakes and 20 carrots. Each cake needs to be crafted also and requires 4 flours, 3 butters, 2 eggs, 2 honey bewaxs, 13 hours. Each carrot cake takes 29 hours)
  • Have 1 May Pole for Isadora to dance around (market-> Maypole)
  • Have 5 Rolling Pins for baking and stuff. (Ask Friends. You need those to make cake, right?)
  • Rewards: 5250 coins, 105 xp

10. Design Wise
That’s it! I GIVE UP on Al’s crazy fortunes. I’m sticking with what I KNOW. Fashion!
  • Have 10 Cotton Thread for Izzy (Craft-> Studio or request it from friends)
  • Have 2 Cotton Cloth to make something A-MAZING (Craft->  Studio, You will also need cotton thread to make it!)
  • Have 10 Royal Jewels to adorn Izzy’s outfit (Ask friends or grab them from the Feed. You can collect 5 Royal Jewels each day!)
  • Rewards: 5250 coins, 105 xp

11. Fashion Forward
Everyone LOVES my fashion designs! I’ve got to get materials to make more!
  • Have 2 Cotton Cloth to launch Izzy’s new career (See above!)
  • Have 1 Cotton Legging to complete the look (Craft-> Studio. Requires: 2 Cotton Cloth, 1 leather, and 3 cotton thread. Takes 14 hrs.
  • Buy 1 Costume piece to top off Izzy’s new design  (market-> Customize-Wardrobe)
  • Rewards: 5250 coins, 105 xp

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