Thursday, December 1, 2011

Crystal Shards vs. Exploration Crystals

What are Crystal Shards?

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A crystal shard is a material used to craft or make exploration crystals:
  • 3 crystal shards = 1 exploration crystal
  • Crystal shards by themselves will not meet expansion requirements
  • Banish beasties and post wall requests to collect crystal shards

What are exploration crystals?
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  • Exploration crystals are one of three resources needed to expand into the gloom
  • Use crystal shards to craft exploration crystals at the workshop
  • 1 exploration crystal will be ready in 1hr. and 30 mins.
  • Use exploration crystals to expand!!
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The appropriate time to craft exploration crystals:

•    The best time to craft an exploration crystal is when you are one crystal short of fulfilling the requirements for an expansion.

Source: Zinga Forum

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