Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Castleville: Plan For The New Missions for the New Year

Plan The New Missions for the New Year 2012
Christmas is just a few days away and our Christmas mission are been completed. New Year’s is almost here, check below the new coming series of missions!

These are the new CastleVille Objects for the New Year:

These are the missions. The number are still unknown:

Secret Recipe
  • Harvest X Grapes to give the punch some flavor.
  • Collect X Pails of Water to mix the punch
  • Have X Kitchen for your Kingdom

Getting Punchy
  • Collect X Berries to add a kick to the punch
  • Gather X Yummhee Yeast so we can begin brewing.
  • Have X Honey to sweeten the concoction.

Brew Love
  • Craft X yummy Castleberry Punch.
  • Help Neighbors with their New Year’s resolutions. Earn X Reputation.
  • Decorate for the New Year’s celebration! Buy X Sparklers.

Une nouvelle année bien arrosée
  • Change your clothes to celebrate the New Year!
  • Craft one Keg to hold your punch
  • Visit the Duke’s Kingdom to celebrate with a glass of Castleberry Punch!

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