Thursday, March 22, 2012

Castleville: Tips for Stonehenge

Tips for Stonehenge

Earn XP Rewards when building the Stonehenge
Don't hurry up doing this quest. This one is to play it smart and not quick. The objective here is to upgrade the Stonehenge but also to collect max XP in the shortest time and getting rewards, as the stone henge is active. Rewards are higher as you upgrade your Stonehenge. 

When complete, you’re rewarded with a Double XP bonus for 1 Hour!  Collect each bonus by clicking on Stonehenge and watch the XP fall magically from Stonehenge and be added to your XP bar! Once you’ve finished and collected your first 1 Hour Bonus.  The maximum Double XP reward is 250 XP.  Stonehenge can be reactivated every 8 hours by gathering all the Altar building requirements.    (For the Stonehenge Quest Click Here)
Do the following steps:
  1. Complete the quest
  2. Have the stonehenge build in that stage
  3. Your stonehenge gets ACTIVE
  4. Click to review XP Bonus and then you have a very short time to use your energy and collecting XP. If you have Mia Stove or Skippy to feed, you will earn even more XP. Feed your animals will be the quickest to earn more XP to double, as your subject doesn't go walking around.

Extra Information:  Max XP Earned by Each Building Stage:

Stage # 1
Stage # 2


  1. I want to submit a contribution to the Stonehenge tip. It's on how to REALLY take advantage of the Stonehenge.

    For those who have completed the Stonehenge, and tried activating it, you would see that it will give you an additional 250xp if you managed to earn that much in an hour.

    Here's the question you may ask:
    "But you only get 25 (28) energy max, and an hour will only refill 12 additional energy points, so you'll only get to perform, if you're lucky, 60 additional actions within the hour activation. So how do you perform 220-250 actions in that time without using up all your energy-refilling items?"

    Get this: It turns out the Stonehenge does not only pick up action xp, but also QUEST xp. So, if you hold out your high xp quests (Which ones? Look up which quests you're doing or are going to do here on CastlevilleQuestHelp), activate the Stonehenge, and banish that last beastie or collect that last workshop/kitchen/workshop product, etc., you could collect on 85xp quests x 3 well within, let's say, 5 minutes, so it won't even take you an hour. Best of all, you won't even have to deplete your energy items. Even if you're on the 30-50 xp quests, I don't imagine it'd be too difficult to click the right buttons to complete 8 to 10 quests in the hour.

    1. Hold out sufficient quests to reach the 250xp goal, leave the stuff completed but don't collect if they take more than an hour to make.
    2. Activate the Stonehenge.
    3. Perform the last actions to complete the quests. Casually.
    4. Once 250xp has been reached, the Stonehenge will shut off before the hour is up.
    5. Go collect the 250xp the Stonehenge throws out for you, plus the additional Gold Brick towards your next activation.

    For those who have yet to complete the Stonehenge, I'd imagine you could even take advantage of it during the build period when the activation is only 1 minute, 2 minutes, and 5 minutes.

    So, yes, Maria has it right, it's about playing smart and planning your quest completions to the Stonehenge activation. It helps to write it down and do the math.

    I did this twice and jumped from level 26 to 28 in 2 days. I only wish I had known this when I was going through the Stonehenge quests, so I didn't have to miss the bonuses during the build.

    1. Thanks a lot for your contribution to this tip. Very well written and very clear.

    2. Perhaps you could find out from somewhere and update this tip on what is the max XP the Stonehenge grants during each stage of its build, as well as what is the bonus item when that max XP is achieved. I think that would help the readers who have yet to complete the quest string. I'd certainly like to know what bonus items I missed. Thanks a lot.

  2. Usually I take screen shoots from everything. Though, what you say I didn't because you rush so much to do the StoneHenge in such a short time that you miss the double of XP. That's when I got the table on top 50XP in such few minutes, I just decided to pay attention and to check how it was working. I will add all the possible information.

  3. Can someone help please? I am stuck in quest 2 of 9. What happened was that I finished the tasks in quest 2, but as I was going to click on the stonehenge to get the bonus, something went wrong I had to refresh the page. When I return, the stonehenge was not active any longer and I lost the bonus. In addition, I am stuck with the quest and I cannot move further. I tried to place the stonehenge in the inventory and place it again in my kingdom, but this did not work either. Would appreciate any help. Thanks :)

    1. Sorry! The best is contacting zynga by Chat Live, if you ca, or by email (they answer in 18 hours):