Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Castleville: Sneak Peek St Patrick New Missions

New 12 Missions with a new subject looking like a Leprechaun!?

There will be three (3) new Quest lines within this theme. Rainbow is the first one in the blog.  We will need to find the Leprechaun that helps us to create a beautiful Rainbow in our Kingdom!  

We will update you as soon as more information comes up. Stay tunned! 
Note that since the missions are still UNRELEASED, both the sequence of tasks and the numbers differ slightly!

1. Capture the Leprechaun
  • Collect Honey
  • Make an empty Pot of Gold
  • Place the empty Pot of Gold to capture the Leprechaun

2. A Soothing Meal
  • Collect taxes from X Houses
  • Collect X Berries. 

3. Rainbow Architect
  • Collect X Rainbow Blueprints (Ask Friends)
  • Craft X Violet Moon Amulets
  • Restore the Violet color of the Rainbow (Use Amulets to do this)

4. Flower Power
  • Harvest X Flax
  • Tend X Flowers in your Kingdom
  • Restore the Indigo color of the Rainbow (Use Amulets to do this). 

5. Defending the Rainbow
  • Craft x Wooden Clubs
  • Make X Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Banish a Gloom Thief

6. Seashells
  • Collect X Empty Flasks (Ask Friends)
  • Fish X times
  • Regenerate the Blue color of the Rainbow (Use Amulets to do this)

7. Green Pastures
  • Craft/use X Bubbly Grog (Craft Kitchen Materials: 5 Pails of Water, 5 Ogres Belch. It takes 15 mins )
  • Collect X Eggs
  • Restore the Green color of the Rainbow (Use the Amulets to do this)

8. Farewell Preparations
  • Harvest X Carrots (1hr)
  • Make X Grape Juice (Craft Kitchen 1hr Materials: 10 grapes, 5 pails of water)
  • Gather X Wool (adult Sheep). 

9. Sunset Yellow
  • Have X Studios in your Kingdom
  • Mine X Rocks
  • Regenerate the Yellow color of the Rainbow (Use Amulets to do this)

10. Squeezed Orange
  • Make X Saucy Tarts (Craft => Kitchen. Materials: 1 Butter, 3 Eggs, 1 Sugar, 1 Apple Slice. Takes 1hr)
  • Collect X All Purpose Polish (Ask Friends)
  • Restore the Orange color of the Rainbow. (Use the Butterfly Orange Amulets to do this)

11. In the Red
  • Harvest X Tomatoes (8hrs)
  • Make X Fertilizer (Craft => Kitchen. Materials: 3 Animal Bones, 2 Eggs & 1 Alchemist's Powder. Takes 2hrs)
  • Regenerate the Red color of the Rainbow.  (Use the red Amulets to do this)

12. Unconfirmed.

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