Friday, March 16, 2012

Castleville: TIPS for St.Patrick Bar and Parties - Collect Clover

Visiting Neighbors with St.Patrick Parties

It has been so many quests that some people wonder how can I collect clover for St. Patricks Party.
Q: How can I collect clover? 
A: You can collect clover by visiting neighbors with St. Patrick's Party
Below there are some easy and QUICK TIPS HOW this party WORKS (similar to Carnival parties).

  • Neighbors are having a St. Patricks Party when their photo is with green around it. 
You can do a party yourself, at some point of St Patricks quest line, after getting a 2 quest line for the party:  "It's Party Time!" (CLICK HERE FOR CHECK THIS QUEST LINE)It's the short quest line started by Yvette.

  • When you visit a neighbor with the party, you collect lot of materials, that you can use in the Pavilion to craft special St Patrick's Green Cakes (similar to Carnival).

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