Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Castleville: St Patrick's Day Quinn is Back

St Patrick Day Quinn's New 5 Missions

Since the missions are still unpublished, both the sequence of tasks and the numbers differ slightly!

1. A Fabulous Dish
Get x Bass to prepare the dish
Harvest x Cabbages to accompany the fish
Buy a Wishing Well to wish that you'll catch even more fish                       

2. The Main Course            
Harvest x Flax to cook Fried Fish
Craft x Fried Fish for Quinn and yourself
Eat the Fried Fish to get energy                       

3.  Dinner Is Served            
Get x Lemon Slices to season the fish filet
Collect x Wood Logs to make a fire and cook the fish
Collect taxes from x houses in your Kingdom                       

4. Tasty Filets            
Fish in x Neighbors' Ponds
Request x Spyglasses to keep an eye on the good fishing spots                       

5. A Fishing Expedition           
Harvest x Corn
Have x Bags of Popcorn to offer to Quinn as travel provisions
Gather x Honey to sweeten Quinn's long journey

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