Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Castleville: Cross Promotion Play Slingo Level 30

Cross Promotion

Play Slingo (level 30) and Get Rewards in Castleville
It has been usual of Zynga the Cross-Play, ie, the intersection of games. With each release of a new game, promoting the new game in the older games. Castleville will soon promote Slingo Zynga, a game released in late February.

Some Castleville players got already the pop-up below:

It will thus be able to unlock exclusive rewards by reaching level 30 Slingo ... The problem is that there are NO LEVELS IN SLINGO! So ... we don't really know how it's is going to be (Maybe get 30 medals?)

Check below how the game looks like. As you can confirm, NO LEVEL:

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