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Castleville: It's Party Time Quest Guide - St. Patrick's Day Parties

 It's Party Time Quest Guide 

This starts as Yvette's Quest and then Sullivan, our cute new subject, takes over. Everything about St. Patrick's quests are similar to the Carnival quests. So, now this should be familiar for you.

It's time to get your St. Patrick's Day Party on! Now you can craft special St. Patrick's Day prizes and goodies in the Party Pavilion. See below to get started!

Note: Get this quest by beginning the Over the Rainbow quest line and reaching quest 4, Rainbow Engineer.

Quest 1
Quest tasks
  • Have a Party Pavilion (purchased under the Buildings section of the Market)
  • Craft and Place a St. Patrick's Day Party Starter (crafted in the Party Pavilion)
  • Collect 5 Shamrock Party Favors (found by hosting or attending St. Patrick's Day Parties) 

Quest rewards
  • 500 Coins
  • 10 XP

Quest 2

Quest tasks
  • Craft & Place another St. Patrick's Day Party Starter in your Kingdom
  • Click on your Party Starter to collect your rewards
  • Use 1 Goodie Bags to collect coins (click on your Party Starter reward in the Consumables Inventory to complete this objective)

Quest rewards
  • 750 Coins
  • 15 XP

How it all works!

Parties give great prizes which can be obtained through hosting Parties or visiting a Neighbor who is throwing a party. By hosting or visiting a Party, you can gather special ingredients to create awesome prizes in the Party Pavilion, such as Leprechaun Clothes, Huge Cakes and more!

Getting Started
  • First thing to do is craft a St. Patrick's Day Party in the Party Pavilion. Once it's finished crafting you can place it and each time your Neighbors visit and help out in your Kingdom, you'll receive a point on the Party's meter. The more visits you receive in your Kingdom, the bigger the Cake Prize will be! Get 20 visits to get the ultimate Cake.

    (The St. Patrick's Day Party Prize can be collected after 2 days or 20 visits.)

  • Once you collect from your Party, you'll get a chance at receiving various ingredients (see below) to craft more prizes in the Party Pavilion!

    Keep hosting new parties and visiting Neighbors' parties to get more Prize ingredients.

Prize Material Ingredients

The major items that you'll need to craft Prizes can be found by attending and/or hosting a Party, it's that easy!

Shamrocks - Shamrocks are found by hosting or visiting a Neighbor who's currently throwing a party. They can also be acquired by asking your Neighbors from the Party Pavilion.

Fool's Gold - Fool's Gold is found by hosting or visiting a Neighbor who's currently throwing a party. It can also be acquired by asking your Neighbors from the Party Pavilion.

Gold Clover - Gold Clovers are found by hosting a Party.


Q: Where do I find the Shamrock Party Favors?
A: The Shamrocks, Fool's Gold, and Gold Clovers can be found by hosting and visiting Neighbors' Parties.

Q: My party ended, how do I start another to get more Prizes?
A: All you need to do is craft another St. Patrick's Day Party in the Party Pavilion and place it in your Kingdom. (Carnival Parties are available to craft for 2 weeks.)

Q: I can't find the Prizes that I crafted. Where'd they go?
A: The Leprechaun Pants, Hat, and Shirts, are stored in the Consumables section of the Inventory. Clicking on them there will place them in the Customize Your Avatar window. The Huge Cake is also stored in the Consumables section. The Irish Harp is stored under the Decor section.

Q: I clicked on the Cake but didn't receive my Coins, why not?
A: The Coins are dropped near your avatar; after a few moments, the Coins will automatically be added to your total. 

Q: How long will I have to craft St. Patrick's Day items?
A: The St. Patrick's Day items will be craftable for 2 weeks and the St. Patrick's Day Party for 1 week.

Q: My Party Starter Disappeared before the 2 days expired, why is that?
A: The Party Starter gives you 2 days to get 20 Neighbor Visits in your Kingdom to collect the grand prize, the Huge Cake. If 20 of your Neighbors visit you before that time limit, you can collect your prize immediately by clicking on the Party Starter.

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