Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Castleville: Release Notes Martha and Spring LE

Release NotesMartha and Spring LE
Martha Stewart has arrived in CastleVille. Check out her amazing Bedford Manor Kingdom and the special Limited Time 3 weeks Martha Quest Line.
A very good improvement is the Flower of Life now gives 2 Energy upon harvesting and some fixes in the decoration items, such as gates. Some new Spring items can be bought by hearts (potted bush and stone path) or by coins (rustic fence, white picket fence, lavender, spring bouquet, black orchid and white tulips). White picket fences and white tulips may not be available to everyone at this moment.
Here are the Release Notes for today's update

New Additions:
1) Introduced Martha Stewart, her Bedford Manor Kingdom, her Parties, and her Quest Line.
2) The Limited Edition Spring Collection is now available in the Market.

1) The Flower of Life now gives 2 Energy upon harvesting.
2) Lemon Slices are now sellable.

Bug Fixes:
1) Fixed bug where players could not click on Great Hall.
2) Corrected Art for Plumed Pony
3) Corrected Art for several Gates.
4) Clicking directly above the Neighbor Bar no longer sends players to that Neighbor's Kingdom.

Here are the items from the Spring Limited Edition Collection:

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