Saturday, March 24, 2012

Castleville: Sneak Peek Easter Missions and Martha

Coming Soon Easter 12 Missions!

New Subject: Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart is a American TV-icon that has written several Cooking books and household Guides. She is coming to visit our kingdoms and brings a series of missions. 
Quest Line ROYAL SPA - after this one. There is also a Castleville Lottery with Martha!
More news will come as soon as they are available. Stay tunned! Prepare yourself for the upcoming missions! Read below:

Since the missions are still unpublished, both the sequence of tasks and the numbers differ slightly!

Mission 1: Meet Martha
  • Visit Martha, your new neighbor
  • Perform actions in the kingdom of Martha

Mission 2:  The renewal of spring
  • Prepare lemonade, this delicious refreshment
  • Making things in the booth to fill your spring spirit spring gauge
  • Building a pavilion to host your own party

Mission 3: Eggs Crazy
  • Get {ct1} eggs, you’ll need it
  • Get corkboard to dry easter eggs
  • Make the chariot in the picnic pavilion and place to launch the festival

Mission 4:  Picnic in the sun
  • Make a rocking chair in the pavilion
  • Making the giant golden egg in the pavilion
  • Visiting with neighbors to see if a spring festival takes place in his kingdom

Mission 5: All is well
  • Place and build the kiosk Spring
  • Obtain sheets of crepe paper to make adorable little carrots
  • Manufacture dose of dye to make Easter eggs

Mission 6: Spring Decor
  • Place decorations spring to give a festive air to your kingdom
  • Making Easter eggs hidden for a party even more successful
  • Making a Frisian flag

Mission 7: The Class
  • Feeding chickens
  • Harvest plots of carrots for rabbits
  • Making pants rabbit in the bell to disguise yourself as a rabbit

Mission 8: Scrambled and getting along
  • Prepare quiche
  • Get scrambled eggs

Mission 9: Eggs by hundreds
  • Get Araucana eggs
  • Making a rabbit in the top of the pavilion
  • Grain harvest of wheat in the fields, the ideal place to hide eggs

Mission 10: A sensational brunch
  • Get table linens to towels
  • Making things in the booth to unlock spring brunch
  • Prepare the feast of brunch

Mission 11: Bonds and rebounds
  • Get molds chocolate bunny to play chocolatiers
  • Prepare chocolate bunnies for the party to be successful
  • Making rabbit ears in the pavilion

Mission 12: The Banquet
  • Make objects in the kiosk to unlock the spring banquet
  • Manufacture the tank banquet
  • Check out the bar neighbors to see if one of them having a party. Martha visits are also taken into account.

You will get immediately the Quest Line ROYAL SPA, as soon as you complete this one.

Castleville Lottery with Martha!

As you complete Martha's Quests, you will be able to participate in the lottery, until the 16th April, and win incredible prizes, as for example 1000 crowns!
  • Ends the quest 4 => 250 players win
  • 8 ends the quest => 100 players win
  • Ends the quest 12 => 10 players win
“Spring has always been my favorite season. Every year I look forward to the return bloom, the birth of baby animals and of course the egg hunts. I invite you this year to celebrate spring with me in the fantasy world of CastleVille. Join me in my kingdom to participate in this celebration. Of delicious dishes and beautiful decorations await you.“

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