Friday, March 30, 2012

Castleville: All Spring Spirit Recipes for the Spring Bar

Spring Spirit Recipes for Spring Bar: Points and Rewards

Depending of which recipe you get different points to fill in your Spring bar and to upgrade its levels: 
Picnic (5 points), Brunch (20 points) and Feast (50 points).
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Picnic (5 points)
Brunch (20 points)

+1 Spring Spirit - Egg Dye you need it for Masked Eggs Recipe
+2 Spring Spirit Lemonade, Rewards: 3 XP
+3 Spring Spirit Quiche, Rewards: 5 XP
+4 Spring Spirit - Chocolate Bunny, Rewards: 4 Energy
+5 Spring Spirit Southwest Scramble, Rewards: 4 Reputation
+8 Spring Spirit - Ultimate Streusel Cake, Rewards: 500 Coins

Below you have all the recipes to be crafted in GAZEBO, to help you out:

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