Friday, March 2, 2012

Castleville: Coming Soon: New Subject Ulrich, Missions,...and More

Coming Soon: New Quest Line - Practice Makes Perfection! 
New character: Ulrich

And ... Workshop Mastery

"Mastering techniques at a workshop to become a true master
Build workshops in your kingdom to optimize your production"

New missions, new subject, new house, new items to be mastered and new crafting buildings. A full hand!!!

These are still upcoming missions and the quest below is for you to anticipate the challenges ahead! .... Stay tunned!

1. Panic attack
  • Collect x stones to improvise a weapon
  • Place x walls so that the Duke could hide

2. Ulrich blacksmith
  • ASK for x brushes to get all the dirt from
  • Collect x buckets of water to prepare a bath
  • Collect x wood for a fire Cutting trees in your kingdom

3. The basic job
  • Build a house for Ulrich to have it in your kingdom
  • Build a workshop in your kingdom
  • Begin by asking your learning foundations Making lots of mortar

4. Brick brick
  • Craft x mortar to reach the proficiency level 1
  • Use both materials in the crafting shops of your kingdom to master many techniques
  • Click in the neighbors crafting shops

5. A good worker always has his tools

  • Craft x hammers in the shop.
  • Use turbo tools to speed your work
  • Prepare your next job by buying a foundry

6. Melting
  • Build the Foundry
  • Collect x stones from the neighboring kingdoms, in order to find coal
  • Redeeming time gains of your camps to get coal miners

7. Nerves of Steel
  • Craft of steel bars
  • Harvesting crops to regain strength after your hard work
  • Ask for chisels to break the coal

8. A metal foolproof

  • Make enough steel bars to reach a level of mastery
  • Craft steel swords to test your new metal
  • Place in your kingdom the Forge

9. Heavy metal
  • Use steel swords to repel bugs
  • Ban gloom thieves dark
  • Ask for thin wires to attach valuable objects

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